Susan Davis – KNOW YOUR ENEMY…


Susan Davis

KNOW YOUR ENEMY: The Satanic Bible’s first commandment is DO AS YOU WILL….notice, it is not do as Satan wills–surprised?

He doesn’t really care HOW YOU FALL AWAY–AS LONG AS YOU FALL.

You can replace GOD in your heart with drugs; relationships; parenting; money; education; career; hobbies; churchianity; entertainment; pornography; politics; and on and on….Satan will even let you get caught up in “Satanic worship”: as long as you put any of these or anything at all before GOD in your life.

You cannot be fully surrendered to CHRIST and be out of the will of GOD–you cannot be in the Will of GOD and not be fully surrendered.

You have NO time to waste: you have NO guarantee that tomorrow is yours.

Are you ready?