Susan Davis – Letter Given by the LORD JESUS to Susan July 2, 2011


Letter Given by the LORD JESUS to Susan July 2, 2011.

Daughter this is your LORD. Please write MY Words down:

The hour is approaching of great changes. Soon the world will be different. Soon all men will take on a different lifestyle. The world will shift into a different dimension.

These words will be hard to find. MY Truth will be almost non-existent. The people will search for truth and not find it. Truth will be like an old hat, gone forever it will seem. Those around will long for MY Truth, Truth once easily found in MY Word will be very hard to find.

MY world will be dismantled and replaced with an anti-Christ world. I will not be readily available through media as before. It will be a dark age, a great time of darkness. This is the world the people want, so they shall have it: a world without GOD and the stability that comes with a Loving GOD.

Hope will diminish; only men’s lust and evil will be in the air thick: breathing will be difficult as there will be a great heaviness coming to man.

Men will then begin to think about life apart from GOD, but I won’t be found as readily as I will be away with MY Bride and MY Wrath will be pouring out over the earth. The day of MY Return for MY Bride approaches. Yes, it is coming. MY Words are Truth, Truth everlasting.

I am coming soon to claim MY Just Rewards: MY Bride and to take her home with ME. I have earned her this spot in heaven with MY Blood-bought ransom. This Ransom was enormous. I gave ALL. It was all I could give. It was a large penalty to pay: GOD WHO becomes man and dies for HIS lost children. This was Love, untold beauty, unimaginable sacrifice: to leave MY Place in the Heavens above and to enter into the world of flesh and to take on evil men.

I received stripes, many stripes. MY Flesh was torn off and mutilated beyond recognition. No man understands MY suffering. These Roman soldiers and onlookers jeered and cajoled. They laughed and spit at ME. It was a most humiliating time.

MY children, MY Love poured out. I gave all. It was truly a gift to humanity to save lost souls and to revive lost hearts.

Later this same day July 2, 2011:
Today MY daughter, write these Words down:

The people believe MY coming is off into a distant future. I want to address this with you MY children. Why do you doubt MY Words, so many Words through MY many children whom I have sent out among you? All these children I have sent out have allowed ME to use their lives for this purpose, yet you doubt. What advantage is there for them to the world to do this except to faithfully serve ME? Yet you continue to doubt.

MY children, these Words to you are a gift, a gift of warning to make you aware of what is coming soon and to send you back to MY Word, MY Holy Book! Dig deep into MY Word, open and caress the pages, look lovingly through the pages. MY Words of Truth are as fine gold, fine disappearing gold in a very lost world.

Cherish MY Book and MY Words. They were written with you in mind: to keep you focused on MY Truth; to help you prepare for MY Return for you; to make you clean and ready to leave this world, come apart from it and to come with ME where holiness is the only way.

MY World is nothing like this world in its thinking. We could not be further apart in our goals. You must come apart, be different, think differently, think clearly, seek Righteousness, seek Truth, seek ME your GOD.


Evil is only here for a short time and then it will be put away and MY Ways will rule and reign. So, do not buy into the ways of this crumbling, decaying world.

The world around you seems so inviting, so long-lasting, but it is dying and evil. Wake up MY children! There is not a long future ahead to embrace. You are clinging to lost hope when you believe this. There are only minutes on the clock and only two directions to move in.

Come away with ME, turn, repent from your sin, and cling to ME, your ONE TRUE SAVIOR. The other choice is to disregard ME, MY Book, MY Signs, MY messengers, and to cling to the lost, failing world, and to MY enemy who wants to destroy you for eternity.

You must choose. No choice MY children, will be a choice against ME. So you are choosing even when you disregard MY Warnings and believe all is well.

I know ALL men’s hearts. I know who reads MY Words. I know who regards ME. I know who trembles before ME and whole-heartedly fears and respects their GOD. I know who doubts in ME. I know who has little respect for MY Awesome Sacrifice on the Cross for them. I know who blasphemes MY Holy Name in their daily speech, and who blasphemes MY SPIRIT.

I know all about you. Soon you will know all about ME, whether you are right or wrong with ME. You will know your GOD.

How do you plan to know ME: as BELOVED SAVIOR or as RIGHTEOUS JUDGE WHO will condemn your total lack of respect and regard for MY Holy Sacrifice for you?

You decide. You have little time. A dark world is forming around you. Wake up and see for yourself. Stop living in denial because it has been okay for you in the past.

Visualize death: this is what the world offers soon. I am coming to save whoever wants MY Salvation. Join ME in the air or stay behind.


John 14:6. Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.