Susan Davis : Today while praying I saw the LORD in a vision…


Today while praying I saw the LORD in a vision.  He had fire in both hands, then flames coming out from HIS heart.

HE proceeded to tell me that HE is the LIGHT and the FIRE of the lamp and HE also provides the fuel for the fire which is the OIL WHO is the HOLY SPIRIT.

So HE is both FIRE AND FUEL in the lamp, while the lamp comes empty without these things.

That is us, without the LORD, we cannot generate fuel or fire, we are merely empty lamps or empty vessels the Bible says.

We have to desire to be surrendered to the LORD so that HE can fill our lamps with fuel and then bring HIS Fire.

Since the lukewarm church does not want the fuel–which is the HOLY SPIRIT–they will never have the FIRE and they will never be right with GOD then.