Susan Davis – Very serious letter below from our LORD JESUS regarding HIS Soon Coming!


Susan Davis

Dear Friends of Christ: Please read the very serious letter below from our LORD JESUS regarding HIS Soon Coming!

In the most recent letter here below from our LORD JESUS, HE says this: “MY enemy has crept into your inner most sanctuaries, your homes, your children’s rooms; anything that exists that can be defiled has been touched by the foul stench of evil moving throughout the land.”

It is true that so many people—even Christians today bring into their homes objects with connections to the occult, paganism, and antichrist spirits and they are not even aware they are doing it. Christians sport T-shirts and purchase items for their homes that have their origin in paganism and even the occult.

Although we are under GOD’s merciful grace we are also not to be running to handle things that are an absolute abomination to GOD and to feel good about it the way this generation now has. The enemy has slipped under our radar detection because we have been uneducated about the evil anti-GOD origins that are now openly accepted by our present culture.

Dictated by the LORD JESUS to Susan on October 2, 2011: Yes daughter, I am ready to give you a new letter. Please take down MY Words:

Children, I am GOD ALMIGHTY. I am the ALPHA and OMEGA. I am the GREAT “I AM.” MY Hour is coming. These Words are true. This is the hour of great decision. It is the time of great decision. Are you with ME or against ME? Do you want to spend your eternity with ME in MY Heavenlies or with MY enemy cast away for all time?

You choose: you have two choices. There is no third choice. If you make no choice—it is a choice. A choice of ambivalence and indecision is a choice against ME, your LORD JESUS!

So what will it be? How do you propose for ME to prepare your destiny: will you come with ME when I remove MY bride from this earth or will you stay behind to face MY enemy and MY Wrath or will you even be caught in sudden destruction and ultimately apart from ME for eternity?

I need your decision.

If you choose for ME, then fine—I will prepare you now to be ready to enter MY Heavenlies as I require a clean and pure bride. Nothing impure will enter MY Heavenlies—Nothing!

So if you are coming out with ME, you need to make yourself ready for MY Near Coming as now is the time to fill your oil lamp. Soon you will need a full lamp, even now it is not safe to be without a lamp that is full of MY Healing Oil—MY HOLY SPIRIT.

The enemy is looking for those who he can cull away from MY bride in these last few moments. I want you to be safe until I remove MY bride to safety. So come now! Fill your oil lamps. Tomorrow may be too late, as MY enemy is looking to kill and destroy.

Now children, your GOD is patient, long-suffering, and I have been watching closely the earth’s activities and I see iniquities abounding: evil, unprecedented.

MY children, I see those things which are unseen by the human eye—the hearts of men. I know all. I see what lurks within a man. I know all the evil thoughts conspired of in the cold hearts of evil men who plot their evil schemes and think they are so hidden from plain sight. But I know the inner most depths of a human’s heart and the evil plots contrived for their brothers all around. Oh, who can understand the wickedness of the human heart?

I have seen enough! Soon you will know that I, GOD will not tolerate any more deception, evil, and every vain imagination that rises up against ME—a HOLY GOD!

I am stirred to the core by this human race and this final generation raised on lies and deceit, vainglory, seeking evil at every turn. This is the end of MY patience with men who have no regard for ME, and what I stand for, what I have done, and what I will do.

MY enemy has crept into your inner most sanctuaries, your homes, your children’s rooms; anything that exists that can be defiled has been touched by the foul stench of evil moving throughout the land.

Children, come to your senses! The world grows more evil and more lost apart from its GOD. I cannot sustain the unsustainable. I will not bless the un-bless-able! I will not bring joy and peace, preservation to an evil world lined up against ME!

MY Joy and Peace is reserved for the Bride only! She is the one who keeps the world from experiencing MY Wrath poured out even now! If it weren’t for her, the world would already be coming into MY Wrath and the lifting of MY Protective Hand.

Surely, children you are seeing the hour you are living in—darkness is consuming the entire earth. Soon there will be nowhere to turn for safety, for sanctuary, for MY Peace and Calm.

The world will very soon not tolerate MY Teachings, MY Word, MY people. That day is at hand. The lovely, pure, kind, wholesome is vanishing off the face of the earth replaced by evil jackals and cruel, cold-hearted men, men who want to destroy MY Words and MY Ways.

I am giving you precious moments to choose for ME, to find ME, and to come under MY Blood Covering. Although MY Words now seem repetitive, there will be coming a day soon when these Words you will long to hear, to hold close, but they will not be found because the enemy will have removed them replacing them with his own philosophic and repulsive views.

I cannot hold back the evil much longer—I must resume MY Role as the BRIDEGROOM to the Bride and entertain her in the chambers prepared for her safekeeping away from this vile, GOD-hating world.

So MY Words have been clear and they have been abundant so that men are without excuse when I come for MY Bride and MY Church and leave the rest behind.

There will be no words for those left to say as to why they remain behind.

They will know the reasons in their hearts why they were left and not taken.

They will know that they held a cold and lukewarm position with ME, their GOD CREATOR.

So now is the hour.

Do you still choose to disenfranchise yourself from ME, your SAVIOR, your RESCUER?

I certainly am coming and MY Plans are sure. This hour will come and won’t delay.

I, JESUS wait patiently, but soon, no more!

Where is your heart? Who are you for: ME, your GOD or MY enemy? Choose for or against ME.



1 Thessalonians 5:3. For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.