Susan Davis – Words received by Susan on October 10, 2011… So few have their lamps filled.


These are MY Words, write them down:

I, JESUS, will be coming to earth soon.

I come with millions of angels, more angels than you can imagine.

The heart cannot conceive of the beauty I have prepared for those who love ME.

Children, I am your LORD.

I died a humbling death so that I might deliver many.

I want to deliver you!   This is a critical hour.

Accept the Gift by the ransom that I paid of life everlasting, a Gift that was worth MY heavy burden, the Cross of Golgotha.  You cannot imagine the price that I paid—it was large, MY children.

Come to ME. Do not deny this Gift. Those who refuse it, will suffer greatly as I do not relish those who would reject MY Great and Awesome Gift.  It will be sad for those who reject MY Great Gift of life.

Turn your life over to ME and I will make beauty of your ashes and prepare you for MY Wedding Banquet where WE will dine together for ever on each other’s company.

You must turn to ME now as waiting too long may cause you to miss MY Supper.

These truly are important Words to embrace…so few have their garments ready. So few have their lamps filled.

Now is the time.  Don’t be caught empty-handed and empty-hearted.

I wait, but not for ever.  Patience is only for a moment, than I must step aside with MY Bride.


Words received by Susan on October 10, 2011.