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10 Times God Has Hit America With a Major Disaster…

10 Times God Has Hit America With a Major Disaster After the US Attempted To Divide the Land of Israel CHARISMA NEWS MICHAEL SNYDER 12/27/2016 Because Barack Obama has cursed Israel at the United Nations, America is now under a curse. Friday’s stunning betrayal of Israel at the U.N. Security Council is making headlines all over the […]

Did Obama Just Bring a Curse on America With Anti-Israel Vote?

CHARISMA NEWS Michael Snyder 12/29/2016 There are consequences for our actions, and on a national level, we are going to experience tremendous consequences for the very foolish decisions of our national leaders. When Barack Obama decided to betray Israel at the United Nations, he made the most fateful decision of his entire presidency. Because the Scriptures […]

Carter Urges Obama to Divide the Land of Israel Before Jan. 20

Jimmy Carter Urges Barack Obama to Divide the Land of Israel at the United Nations Before Jan. 20 Charisma News 11/30/2016 MICHAEL SNYDER In an absolutely stunning editorial for the New York Times, former President Jimmy Carter has publicly called for Barack Obama to divide the land of Israel at the United Nations before Inauguration Day. While […]

Thousands of Mexicans Forced Out of Homes for Faith in Christ

Charisma News 6 December 2016 Mexico has a “policy of denial” about the thousands of evangelical Christians forced out of their homes because of their beliefs, according to a Mexican human-rights activist. Pedro Faro Navarro, director of the Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Human Rights Centre, accused the government of “making up the figures” of […]

Satanists Target Kindergarteners With Lies From the Pit of Hell

CharismaNews 12/7/2016 ROBERT RITCHIE Parents are deeply concerned about an After School Satan Club that targets children as young as 5 scheduled to open at Point Defiance Elementary School in Tacoma, Washington, on Wednesday, December 14. “No one wants this club; we don’t want a group that identifies itself with Satan to have access to our […]

7,000 Churches Fasting, Praying Over Terrifying New Persecution Law

Charisma News http://www.charismanews.com/world/58295-7-000-churches-fasting-praying-over-terrifying-new-persecution-law Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an anti-terrorism law, but for the country’s many churches, the signature sparked a demand for prayer and fasting. The bill toughens punishment for acts deemed to be terrorism and for the organization of “mass unrest,” according to the Los Angeles Times. It would also introduce prison sentences of up to […]

Winged Bull of Nimrod displayed in Rome

The Winged Bull of Nimrod and Part of the Temple of Baal Are Being Displayed in the Colosseum in Rome Charisma News / Michael Snyder 11/10/2016 If you thought having “the harbinger of Baal” in New York City was bad, wait until you hear what they are doing in Rome. A reproduction of a winged bull […]