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Handling Children Who Are Not Living For Me

Still Small Voice Published on 26 Jul 2017 “So many times My children, your concerns become overbearing and you cannot function. A sucker punch so to speak. I know you love your family members but you will never love them more than I do. I want you to understand you are looking at two aspects […]

Jesus Teaches on Where Anger Comes From

Still Small Voice Published on 13 Jul 2017 “Always be suspicious of anger or righteous indignation. Many times that is the enemy provoking you to correct someone when they are already broken inside. Your restraint there is very pleasing to Me, because I know how much you have to hold down sometimes and I see […]

Promotion is Coming – A Light On A Hill

Still Small Voice Published on 11 Jul 2017 “Truly you are becoming a light set on a very dark hill and what you don’t realize in your day to day doings is that people are affected by you. They are feeling your holiness, noticing how they feel around you, and becoming hungry to have it. […]

Stand Firm In Me & Defend My Honor

Still Small Voice Published on 10 Jul 2017 That’s when I realized, my problem with music is not lack of skill. I compare myself with other artists—number one mistake. I take my eyes off of Jesus. And I reason—number two mistake—how much can I do in my late life after all? Besides, look at the […]

Preparations for War??

Still Small Voice Published on 7 Jul 2017 “Heartdwellers, I want to be your ‘channel’. I want you to come out of your prayer closets with a ‘knowing’ of what is going to happen and what is not going to happen. But instead of that, many of you still follow the exciting news channels that […]

Realms of Heaven 2 Instrumental

Still Small Voice Published on 30 Jun 2017 So many wonders in Heaven to share…this is but a tiny expression of this wondrous place the Lord has gone ahead of us to prepare. P.S. He likes to dance to this one… A PDF of this message is available at: http://www.heartdwellers.org/all-pdf-… Search our messages at: http://search.stillsmallvoicetriage.o… […]

Anatomy of a Distraction Leading to Sin

Still Small Voice Published on 29 Jun 2017 So it looks like this, frustration, laziness under the guise of procrastination, dissatisfaction with a vague sense of guilt lurking behind it, and finally looking for a feel good substitute to fill the big hole created by not accomplishing what you set out to do. Then the […]

Gratitude the Key to Answered Prayer

Still Small Voice Published on 25 Jun 2017 Truly my complaints are multiple slaps in the face to God. Rather than complaining about a minor glitch on my phone, I should be thanking God that I can afford a nice phone and get so many things done on it. “Thank you God for providing this […]