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Will You Walk With Me in this Season?

Still Small Voice Published on 25 Oct 2017 “For those of you who are still in a state of unrest because of the delay…I invite you into My Merciful Heart where you will see the ones I still grieve over who are not as yet ready. They are close, so very close and approaching the […]

Jesus, What Can I Do? Part 2 of 2

Still Small Voice Published on 24 Oct 2017 “Start small, very small and allow Me to invite you up higher when you are ready. Lower your expectations of what to do to serve Me to the lowest common denominator if you are only just beginning. This is appropriate for you. I do not want you […]

Ask Me For Supernatural Gifts

Still Small Voice Published on 19 Oct 2017 He continued. “My people, truly I want to bring you into the fullness of My Spirit to minister healing, deliverance and new life to the lame and wounded. There is a fulness of the Spirit I want to impart to you, but first I am calling you […]

You Are Coming Into Your Fullness

Still Small Voice Published on 17 Oct 2017 The key is to keep your eyes on ME and tucked down in your heart, your mission. Peter could only walk upon the water as his eyes were riveted on Me. Clare, you and others have been very tempted to look at the ministries of others and […]

Regaining Your Focus When You Fall

Still Small Voice Published on 15 Oct 2017 Please My people, take your eyes off your failures and put them on Me, do not be defeated when you reach the end of your end, rather renew your faith in Me, “I can do all things through my Jesus who lives inside of me and strengthens […]

Angels Wounded

Still Small Voice Published on 9 Oct 2017 So much My people has been done to loose demons on you in this moment of time. The proliferation of demons is staggering, but they are no match for My angels and they have suffered far more casualties than Ours. You owe great debts to your angels […]

God’s Choice For Your Marriage

Still Small Voice Published on 5 Oct 2017  Jesus began, “My people, many of you have made your own choices in forging a union. It was not My choice, you did not seek Me and the enemy of your soul planned an ambush for you even as he did for Solomon, David’s son. You chose […]

Prayer Alert Oct 3, 2017

Still Small Voice Published on 3 Oct 2017 NOTE: THIS VIDEO DOES NOT HAVE ANY ACCOMPANYING AUDIO. The Team at Still Small Voice has been receiving rhemas all day pointing to the Lord’s call for PRAYER, FASTING and OFFERINGS.