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Fasting and The Cloud-of-Lies Media

Still Small Voice Published on 15 Sep 2017 Some of you, My dear ones, have grown weary with fasting. Ask Me for the grace to indwell you in that special way when you do fast. But be convinced that your abstinence is also a pleasing sacrifice to Me and the Father. By denying yourselves of […]

The Seas Have Lifted Up Their Voice

Still Small Voice Published on 11 Sep 2017 “Nothing is impossible to the soul that will pray because nothing is impossible to God. My Father is continually listening for the prayers of His little ones because He desires to answer them. Even the littlest prayer of a child carries tremendous influence before the throne, because […]

We Become One When You Receive My Body & Blood Each Day

Still Small Voice Published on 10 Sep 2017 “During the wedding party at Cana, the porters never thought for a moment the water would become wine, but as a demonstration of My faithfulness, I transformed it to wine. Do you understand? This was a foreshadowing of the Eucharist, the Body and Blood transformed at the […]

The Hurricanes and Fires

Still Small Voice Published on 9 Sep 2017 “I look at the heart of a nation and call to My servants there to raise the clarion call to a return to holiness. When I am ignored, I allow catastrophes. Satan loves catastrophes—his demons wait in line to get permission to kill, steal and destroy through […]

Continue to Fast Spiritual War Zone

Still Small Voice Published on 4 Sep 2017 Jesus continued, “Vigilance is of the utmost importance right now. Do nothing hastily and do not rebuke in anger. Wait until you have cooled down, mention it with gentleness—and then let it go. They are little things, Clare. Yes, I know they cause you extra work, because […]

Just One Movement of the Earth’s Crust

Still Small Voice Published on 27 Aug 2017 Lord, please give us the grace to truly press in with our prayers that evil may be checked for a season. Dear ones, I got this on Friday and was waiting for more to the message but it never came. So I am putting this up and […]

In You I Am Well Pleased

Still Small Voice Published on 27 Aug 2017 “How can I thank you? A thousand times over I shall never be able to thank you. But I do wish for you to know that you are on the right track. You are pleasing to Me, and in this dark and dreary world each of you […]

Your Prayers Are Turning Back Evil

Still Small Voice Published on 25 Aug 2017 I will dislodge their cities, I will penetrate their hiding places with My fury and wrath and that which was planned for the innocent…shall be their watery grave. Fire and steam will purge the evil from within the earth, and the mischief they had planned for My […]

S 0 S – URGENT call to pray!

Still Small Voice Published on 23 Aug 2017 Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet with ALL YOUR HEARTS AND STRENGTH!!! LINK HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRYEP… WE ARE NOT PRAYING ENOUGH TO STOP WAR!!!! REND YOUR HEARTS-NOT YOUR GARMENTS!