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Derek Prince : The Two Banquets

Derek Prince Published on 19 Aug 2014 Invited to a wedding breakfast for God’s Son, the Jews were “too busy.” Now, as the age closes, Christians are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb. Will we also be “too busy”?  

Derek Prince – The Two Harvests

Derek Prince Published on 25 Apr 2013 Derek Prince. The present age is closing with a vast, double harvest: salvation to the repentant, judgment on the rebellious. God is calling out laborers to reap the harvest of salvation.  

Derek Prince: Husbands & Fathers

GodJesusHolySpirit1 Published on 18 Feb 2011 Derek Prince – Husbands & Fathers (with Chinese Subs) (1990) (DP072 + DP073 + DP074 + DP075) 1. Husbands: 00:00 2. Fathers: 54:35 How should a man relate to his wife and children? How can he fulfill his God-given roles of prophet, priest and king? http://www.derekprince.org/Publisher/…

Derek Prince: The White Horse of the Gospel

Derek Prince Published on 29 Apr 2013 Bible Teaching by Derek Prince. Revelation, the last book of the Bible, describes four horsemen ushering in the end of the world as we know it. A white horse takes the lead and brings an urgent message to Christians everywhere. Discover the meaning of the message and how […]