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Which Look Will Jesus Take In The Rapture?

Donna McDonald 10 January 2017 WHICH LOOK DO YOU THINK JESUS IS GOING TO TAKE IN THE RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH? WHAT THE BRIDE IS LIKE: Can’t stop thinking about and talking about JESUS. Reading the Bible is a priority of the day. The bride wakes up thinking about HIM and goes to bed thinking […]

Thou Shalt Keep The Sabbath Day Holy

Donna McDonald 18 December 2016 I heard on a you tube recently well known Pastor David Wilkerson of Times Square Church (now deceased) preaching in a sermon of how families have made sports their idol and god. He said a church he was aware of would let services out 30 minutes early on football game […]

Pursue ME as your only HOPE …

Donna McDonald 18 December 2016 Lord what do you have to say to my facebook friends, today? Yes, daughter, I have Words for your facebook friends. Pursue ME as your only HOPE for I am the BEST thing that ever happened to you. When I stretched out MY arms on the cross for you I […]