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Hiding out in a FEMA CAMP…

Gwendolen Song 12 January 2017 DAY 19: Hiding out in a FEMA CAMP Gotcha, didn’t’ I? I got your attention pretty quickly with that catchy title, but it’s the truth. I was hiding out in a FEMA camp last night IN MY DREAMS! I was thinking that it was SUPPOSED to be a nightmare, but […]

WARNING To Nation of Japan from JESUS CHRIST

Open Letter To Emperor Akihito (WARNING To Nation of Japan from JESUS CHRIST) Seho Song Published on 11 Jan 2017 January 7, 2017 Dear Emperor of the Great Nation of Japan; Your Imperial Majesty, I am sending this correspondence to you in order to deliver a warning from the One True God of the Universe, […]

King Herod versus President Obama

Gwendolen Song 11 January 2017 Day 18: King Herod versus President Obama The past 24 hours have really been challenging! I have been doing intense spiritual warfare over every area of my life! It seems as though the enemy is working overtime to bring a BIG BOOM down on my head, and I am standing […]

Words From The King of Israel Regarding Prophecy…

Gwendolen Song 27 December 2016 WORDS FROM THE KING OF ISRAEL REGARDING PROPHECY: “The spirit of the Antichrist is the spirit that mocks biblical prophecy. The Antichrist himself doesn’t want anyone else to believe that I would send modern day prophets to give more details of what is to come. They will quickly attack and […]

Watch Out for the Wicked Ones

Gwendolen Song 21 December 2016 Day 5: Watch Out for the Wicked Ones Good morning, friends! If I ever make these 30 days of postings into a book, I hope that the readers will catch on to one very important thing about me. I CHASE THE LORD AND HIS WILL FOR MY LIFE FROM THE […]