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From the Throne of Evil to the Kingdom of Christ

From the Throne of Evil to the Kingdom of Christ by Augusto Maquengo

I am the great-grand-son of the king of Congo (Kongo dya Ntotila from 1400– 1914). This kingdom covered the northern part of Angola, DRC, Congo and parts of Gabon upwards. Those who studied the history of African kingdoms know this very well. My parents are from one of the clans of this kingdom. The king of Congo made several covenants with Lucifer, represented in the form of the dragon and serpent. This was his power. He decreed that every king, prince or duke in the kingdom must have many wives, as was the tradition in every kingdom that existed in Africa during that period. Evidence of this practice can still be seen in Lesotho were the king possesses many wives. This kingdom later on split into two tribes (Tribe of Kinlaza and the tribe Kinpanzu) upon the instigation…

Revelation of Heaven & Hell by Othusitse Mmusi


This is a book written by Bro. Othusitse Mmusi, prophet of the Most High God, the Founder of Blast Furnace Manifestations a.k.a BFM. He is called by Jesus Christ of Nazareth for the ministry of Revealing the reality of Heaven and Hell to the people of the Botswana and rest of the world, Since the year 2010, On many occasions He have been taken by Jesus and angels shown the glories of Heaven, home of the redeemed, shown the horrors of hell, home of the damned, shown visions of the rapture, tribulation and end times. Through spiritual visions GOD enables him to see and hear into the realm of the Spirit. Jesus has told him, to write this book and send it to many people on the earth. May GOD’s peace be with you all. He is coming soon.

Book 10: The Gathering and the Rapture Song

On the morning of the 22nd October, I approached my mother and told her that I had been at the Gaither Camp Revival meeting. Looking around, I saw every singer who had been on their videos. Beside the Gaithers, I also saw Jimmy Swaggart; together we sang the Rapture Song. “We are all going to […]

The Last Pamphlet

A heartwarming testimony of a young boy who went out in the rain to hand out the last of his fathers church’s pamphlets, little did he know what would happen that day.