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Forced Vaccinations For Medical Workers and RFID

Rise Up Children Of God Published on 8 Dec 2016 Interview with nurse- Respiratory therapist Lauren Atkinson about medical tyranny in USA. It has began. Lauren was willing to share with the world her story about how she was forced to receive a flu vaccine or loose her job. She, as a medical professional and […]

Let My People Go – Jesus Came to Free Women Too!

Israeli News Live Published on 26 Jun 2015 The greatest crime ever committed was against women! A crime prophesied in Genesis. Women were to be silenced, faceless individuals, prisoners and slaves for the lust of men. However Yashua (Jesus) came and set the captives Free including women, but Rome conspired to keep them prisoners and […]

Strange Interfaith Meeting In Jerusalem

Israeli News Live/Jana Ben-Nun Published on 15 Sep 2016 There are some very strange ecumenical meetings going on now in Jerusalem – very secretive, not covered by any media. We are hunting down the locations for them – and tonight I tried very hard to get into one of them, but all I ( and […]

More Footage from the Bone Church Part 3

Rise Up Children of God/Jana Ben-Nun Published on 23 June 2016 Sedlec Ossuary, Kostnice, Czech Republic – Roman Catholic preoccupation with death is obvious in this place. Above this chapel is an regular church altar. The dead bones are literally beneath the altar. Creepy, strange and very dark. Jesus said :” let the dead bury […]

Bone Church Visit with sister Maggie Part One

Rise Up Children of God/Jana Ben-Nun Published on 23 Jun 2016 Kostnice, Sedlec Ossuary , Czech Republic – we are about to enter the most bizarre place in Czech Republic- Roman Catholic Chapel full of human bones. This site proves the strange preoccupation that the Church of Rome has with death .

Inside the Bone Church with sister Maggie Part Two

Rise Up Children of God/Jana Ben-Nun Published on 23 June 2016 Sister Maggie’s perspective on the Bone Church in the Czech Republic – one of many Catholic Churches here that house real human bones and skulls. This place gives you chills and its hard to believe such a place actually exists. According to a tour […]