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Will Obama make his Move Against Israel?

Israeli News Live Published on 11 Jan 2017 If there was ever a time that the hand writing is on the wall then I think now this time is starting to make more sense. Some think that Nathan the Jewish young man with the NDE will not come to pass because Obama leaves office in […]

Are Women Saved By Childbearing?

Israeli News Live Published on Dec 22, 2014 Poor translations have caused so much confusion and a lot of needless reproach against Paul. But church leaders continue to spew these lies from their lips that women: “shall be saved in childbearing” I Timothy 2:16. Women are saved by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and Paul’s […]

NWO Covert Plan to Suppress Your DNA

Israeli News Live Published on Dec 12, 2016 NWO Covert Plan to Suppress Your DNA, the government has learned from their DNA experts that you are carrying valuable information that will expose the greatest global conspiracy ever. Now the government is working to block your DNA before it wakes up revealing massive information unlocking our […]

Jezebel – Men That Abuse Women

Israeli News Live Published on Dec 26, 2014 Men love to say of women that have a voice for G-d that she is a “Jezebel” or has “The Spirit of Jezebel” but often forget who Jezebel really was, what did she really do. It was the low down Ahab that married Jezebel and he was […]

What Churches Don’t Want Women To Know!

Israeli News Live / Steven Ben-Nun Published on Dec 6, 2014 There is an agenda to silence women, it is not a Biblical mandate but has been taught as such. Churches have long known the truth of Paul’s writings but have intentionally altered translations to keep women down and the church leaders in power. Even […]

Is Obama Behind UN Forced Two State Solution?

Israeli News Live Published on Dec 26, 2016 It seems rather opportunistic that the UN is now calling for a vote just before Obama leaves office. I would say that this would then empower the 70 nations to turn against Israel. Russia seemingly no different than the US on the stand for allowing the UN […]

Obama allowed the UN to Trample Israel

Israeli News Live Published on Dec 23, 2016 The UN resolution that goes beyond stopping settlement building inside the West Bank also gives East Jerusalem to the Palestinians. In other words Israel would loose control of the Old City, Jews living there would be evicted, because Abass stated he wants a “Jew Free West Bank”. […]

Your Young Men will see Visions

Israeli News Live Published on 1 Jan 2017 Two stunning stories one of a 10 year old boys near death experience reveals the third World War, and a Demonic Alien invasion turned cannibal. The Second Young man a 16 year old sees in vivid detail a vision of the coming Third World War, and an […]

European Parliament Tries to Ban Russian Media

Israeli News Live Published on Nov 23, 2016 There is a major move on to ban media that does not agree with the western narrative. Russian media such as RT sputnik in other news outlets that are trying to tell the world the truth are to be banned. That is if the EU Wall makers […]