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Children Being Tortured & Killed – Still Small Voice

Still Small Voice Published on 7 Feb 2018 “My children, the evil in this world is beyond your ability to imagine. It is so subtle and unrecognizable from the surface view, and I have many such warriors who take on the sufferings of these little ones to release them from their agonizing prison of hopelessness. […]

Sanctification Through Suffering – Still Small Voice

Still Small Voice Published on 4 Feb 2018 Some of you my, dear Heartdwellers, have questions and doubts about this doctrine of sharing in the sufferings of the Cross for the sake of the Kingdom, but truly, it is only a matter of perspective. When you examine the Scriptures very carefully you will see that […]

Intercession – Pray for Clare

Still Small Voice Published on 1 Feb 2018 Dear Heartdwellers, While we have the good news to report that Ezekiel is doing much better, we now need to ask that you join us in prayer again… this time for our dear Clare. She has literally worn herself out between her care for the Channel and […]

I Am Truly Your Father – Still Small Voice

Still Small Voice Published on 24 Oct 2015 How can one look into the face of a newborn and think I am not tender? I have created all things for your enjoyment, because all these things embody and reflect who I Am. The world is absolutely loaded with who I am. So shall I stiff […]

Invitation From a Lonely Jesus – Still Small Voice

Still Small Voice Published on 26 Dec 2017 “Loneliness. Loneliness, Clare. As everyone goes about their celebration, they forget Me. This is a deliberately planned and executed move on the part of our enemies to hijack the true meaning of My birth and make it into an orgy of spending and eating. “I call to […]