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Why do churches reject prophecy?

Susan Davis 9 October 2017 Today, I want to talk about prophecy: The LORD wants me to discuss this with you. Many people are putting out prophecies in these last days. Not everything is coming from GOD. Is prophecy for today? Many irresponsible and lukewarm churches both disregard and reject prophecy. They say it is […]

Shopping for an end times church…

Susan Davis 6 October 2017 Shopping for an end times church… Most people see a church that looks like it has it all together by the appearance of the building, the programs run, and the overall “packaging” of the church. However, don’t be deceived in this late hour–most churches preach a “partial” CHRIST–or a “sorta–kinda” […]

Neither bid him GOD speed

Susan Davis 4 October 2017 Neither bid him GOD speed One day, when my son was about 13, the two of us had lunch out and we went to a restaurant where there was a party of three adults and one youth. My son felt inspired to ask the youth if he wanted a Bible […]

You decide what kingdom you belong to…

Donna McDonald 14 September 2017 Letter from the LORD to Susan Davis that supports the word Donna McDonald received from the LORD on the form the raptured bodies take on at the immediate moment of the rapture. This new body is fluid, it is able to change. It takes on a state of fluidity. It […]

Mark of the Beast: present or future tense?

Susan Davis 14 September 2017 Mark of the Beast: present or future tense? Pastors all over who are thinking with their brains and not with their hearts are trying to convince their churches to not let the current movement of “micro-chipping” people concern them…. They say that this “a pre-curser” to the Mark of the […]

A Prayer of Surrender

Susan Davis 21 August 2017 A Prayer of Surrender LORD today, I wish to truly surrender myself to you… I want to be holy as you are holy I want to be made in your image I want to trust you like Daniel in the lion’s den I want to dance for you like David […]