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Susan Davis – Who will inherit the Kingdom of GOD? Well NOT these according to the Bible…

Susan Davis 17 October 2019 Who will inherit the Kingdom of GOD? Well NOT these according to the Bible: -fornicators -idolators -effeminate -abusers of themselves -thieves -covetous -drunkards -revilers -extortioners -unclean -lascivious -haters (murderers) -seditious -heretical -envious -murderers -whoremongers Interesting to note that most of these classifications fall within the 10 Commandments—but the lukewarm church […]

Susan Davis – People today could have demons…

Susan Davis 15 October 2019  One day I was talking to a pastor’s wife. She was put off with me talking about the idea that people today could have demons. So I asked her this question: So you would rather believe that people can do horrible evil all by themselves and not under the direction […]

Susan Davis : About hearing GOD’s Voice

Susan Davis 9 October 2019 About hearing GOD’s Voice: Since the time my son was about three I began to hear GOD’s Voice, but only sporadically. Then in August 2010 everything changed and I began hearing HIS Voice so that I could write down letters from HIM to the people and personal letters for myself […]


Susan Davis Matthew 18:6 (KJV): But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. VISIT FB PAGE: WEANING CHRISTIANS OFF HALLOWEEN      

Susan Davis : Washing Your Robes

Susan Davis 9 October 2019 Wash Robes I was standing at my bathroom sink one day washing my hands and the Holy Spirit spoke to me saying, “If you wash your hands frequently to rid yourself of germs and bacteria to keep from being physically ill, then why do you consider washing your robes less […]

AN IMPORTANT VISION… Susan Davis, 28Sept2019

Susan Davis AN IMPORTANT VISION… This past week I had noticed a lot of strange things going on like for instance our radio show in Uganda/Congo was kicked off the air and replaced by an interview with witchdoctors….and then it dawned on me: we have new projects to reach people who speak Chinese; Japanese; African […]