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Susan Davis 27 July 2020 RAPTURE SCOFFERS DON’T KNOW MY GOD I want to talk about the rapture of the church and what GOD revealed to me about it. Today there are many secular people who do not believe in something called the rapture. Even sadder there are many ministry who do not believe in […]

Message from the Lord to Susan Davis

Susan Davis‎ 1 August 2020 This morning, the LORD gave me a serious message to give you: HE said that HE is a “SERVANT GOD” and that for those who serve HIM in this life HE will serve them for all eternity for those who want to be with HIM. Then HE brought this scripture […]


Susan Davis 23 July 2020 CURSED OBJECT SERIES: Yoga Yoga originated in India through pagan religion. The goal of yoga, or of the person practicing yoga, is the attainment of a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility. This has NOTHING TO DO WITH GOD, IT IS DEMONIC. The word is associated with meditative practices […]

Susan Davis: Keep your FOCUS ON HIM NOW

Susan Davis 27 June 2020 Okay, I have an important message I received from the LORD this morning. HE said to tell you to tilt your head upward and watch for HIM. HE said now is the time to prepare your robes. HE said the church has NO WHERE else to look for help in […]

Susan Davis: Religious Spirits

Susan Davis 27 June 2020 I want to talk about “Religious Spirits,” you see we don’t fight flesh and blood. Evil spirits can totally consume someone so that they are possessing and controlling someone. Religious spirits work through people who call themselves “Christian” and even do a lot of Christian-looking things: go to church; run […]

Susan Davis: The New Apostolic Reformationists (NAR)

Susan Davis 22 June 2020 THE NEW APOSTOLIC REFORMATIONISTS (NAR)—THE LUKEWARM CHURCH “ANTI-NAR”—AND THE LITTLE FLOCK There is a whole lot of nonsense going on in the world of religion just within the Christian faith excluding other religions and Catholicism—because Satan has been working over-time to confuse the Christians. Why are Christians confused? Well here’s […]