You Could Be A Target Of Government Gang Stalking And Electronic Warfare!

Suffering Disorientation, Noises, Headaches And Other Strange Symptoms? You Could Be A Target Of Government Gang Stalking And Electronic Warfare!

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

Government Electronic warfare

Do you consider yourself “awakened?” Do you question the official government narrative? Do you belong to social media groups that monitor and discuss unusual government activities? Do you visit websites that publish content that doesn’t conform the official narrative?

Do you suffer strange symptoms like an increase in headaches, disorientation, hear strange noises or even voices?

Don’t assume you are going crazy, you may be the victim of Electronic Warfare, specifically geared to make you appear crazy and discredit your “awakened” concerns.

After reading a couple concerning SQ Alerts, then listening to Friday’s Survive to Thrive show from The Hawk, my interest was piqued and I cranked up the search engines and what I found could have come straight from a sci-fi movie, but in reality is very real technology that can literally drive you crazy, leading to the question of whether governments are targeting individuals with different types of Electronic Warfare.

Before getting into the alerts and the Hawk’s experiences we will go over the type of technology that exists….. and if it is exists, then there is no doubt is was created to be used.

Electronic warfare (EW) is any action involving the use of the electromagnetic spectrum or directed energy to control the spectrum, attack an enemy, or impede enemy assaults via the spectrum.The purpose of electronic warfare is to deny the opponent the advantage of, and ensure friendly unimpeded access to, the EM spectrum. EW can be applied from air, sea, land, and space by manned and unmanned systems, and can target humans, communications, radar, or other assets. (Source – Wiki)

Electronic harassment is the alleged use of electromagnetic waves to harass a victim. Psychologists have identified evidence of auditory hallucinations, delusional disorders or other mental illnesses in online communities supporting those who claim to be targeted. Individuals suffering from auditory hallucinations, delusional disorders or other mental illness have claimed that government agents make use of electric fields, microwaves (such as the microwave auditory effect) and radar to transmit sounds and thoughts into their heads, referring to technology that they say can achieve this as “voice to skull” or “V2K” after an obsolete military designation. (Source – Wiki)

The microwave auditory effect, also known as the microwave hearing effect or the Frey effect, consists of audible clicks (or, with speech modulation, spoken words) induced by pulsed/modulated microwave frequencies. The clicks are generated directly inside the human head without the need of any receiving electronic device. The effect was first reported by persons working in the vicinity of radar transponders during World War II. These induced sounds are not audible to other people nearby. The microwave auditory effect was later discovered to be inducible with shorter-wavelength portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. During the Cold War era, the American neuroscientist Allan H. Frey studied this phenomenon and was the first to publish information on the nature of the microwave auditory effect. (Source- Wiki)

Mind Control – Project MKUltra — sometimes referred to as the CIA’s mind control program — was the code name given to an illegal program of experiments on human subjects, designed and undertaken by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Experiments on humans were intended to identify and develop drugs and procedures to be used in interrogations and torture, in order to weaken the individual to force confessions through mind control. (Source- Wiki)

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There are many more examples such as Satellite terrorism and acoustic psycho-correction, but the point is that the technology exists and has existed and been experimented with for decades.

Government Electronic warfare-2

In 2011, George Noory of Coast to Coast interviewed Dr. Fred Bell, who described some of the symptoms from electronic harassment and holographic warfare technology as unusual forgetfulness, suicidal & homicidal thoughts, panic attacks, depression, and paranoia.

Other symptoms are detailed in a report from Cheryl Welsh, who provides a listing of some of the reported symptoms of electronic microwave mind control technologies, published evidence of their existence, and demonstrated military interest and/or funding for these technologies develpomented at Montauk, Long Island in the 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s in a privately funded operation known as The Montauk Project.

Those include, but are not limited to; visual disturbances and hallucinations, causing pain to any nerve in the body, interference into an individuals sleep patterns, the hearing of voices in the head from an outside source, but nobody else can hear the voices except the targeted individual.