Tell My Children I Am Here


Praise Jesus King and Savior

Published on Jan 25, 2017


Message received Jan. 23, 2017

My daughter, I Am here, I Am here! Do not doubt for a moment that I Am with you.

Tell all My children I hear every cry of their hearts and I hold every tear. Nothing escapes Me. I know all things as I AM the Author of all.

You have been on a long journey, a process of skilled refining by the fiery trials and tribulations of this life. All you have experienced has led up to this moment. This season of great change. Do not doubt for a single moment that all that I have spoken shall come to pass.

Soon you will have more clarity concerning My timing and My design. Trust Me. Obey. This is the most precious gift you could offer Me, your radical faith that you believe I AM who I AM.

The enemy causes unrest and many of My people are unsettled. This is not from Me. I give you My perfect peace, ad ask you to enter into My rest.

I AM will bring order out of chaos and it is My perfect love that casts out all fear.

Open your hearts fully to receive My complete indwelling.

My remnant, prepare yourselves to receive the full measure of My outpouring as I fill you, My vessels, to overflowing.

Your Master is completing the final refining in you, My vessels, to fully equip you for all you are about to do for Me to gather the lost and bring them home. Do not resist these last steps, they are essential to mold and shape you into all I have purposed for you in this life. You are ever so near to the finish line.

Resist the devil and he will flee. Do not believe his lies. Be so careful to not become distracted. Seek Me earnestly for I shall always be found. Continue to give Me your everything, and I will show you wonders you would not have previously believed.

I Am doing a new and wonderful thing. Such glory awaits those who remain faithful.

I tell you, I Am coming for you, I Am coming!

Be faithful, remain steadfast, have courage, and believe!

I love you My faithful ones, I love you!