When You Are Tempted To Give Up…DON’T!!! – Still Small Voice

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Published on 8 Jan 2018

My people, many of you have been running on empty and you wonder why you feel like a failure, discouraged and unable to live up to your dreams. May I say it is because you have allowed yourselves to cut time with Me short to be busy doing things. You can do that when the quality is simply mundane matters. But you cannot do that when expecting to minister on the level I have brought you along to. You cannot give what you do not have. And there are many reasons you do not have. One is that on this channel, as much as you love it, you have real enemies who are going for the throat in your lives. They hate what is taught here, they hate you who listen in and you who comment. And they have made it their business to bring everyone of you down to the pits so you will never realize your potential.

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