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Tens Of Thousands Of Iranian Muslims Are Turning To Jesus Through Watching Christian Satellite TV

Source: Tens Of Thousands Of Iranian Muslims Are Turning To Jesus Through Watching Christian Satellite TV | Believers Portal

The people of Iran are disillusioned with Islam and they are looking for answers to life. They are not finding answers in the traditional forms of state religion or the faith of their ancestors. They are looking for new answers, they are not happy and satisfied where they are spiritually. A large number of these people are actually having dreams and visions about a shining man dressed in white far before we are out there telling them about Jesus.

This may come as a surprise to many, but Christianity is growing faster in the Islamic Republic of Iran than in any other country in the world. Tens of thousands in this overwhelmingly Muslim nation are abandoning the Islamic faith and turning to Jesus Christ.

Iran ranks 9th on Christian support organization Open Doors 2019 World Watch list of the 50 countries where it is most difficult to be a Christian, but this does not stop the rate at which Jesus Christ is winning the heart of the people unto Himsef.

Mike Ansari, President of Heart4Iran Ministries, shares numerous incredible stories of unprecedented number of Iranian Muslims embracing the Christian faith. Many, through an encounter with Jesus Christ in a dream of vision, and a lot of others through Christian television.

Heart4Iran Ministries is “a non-political partnership of multi-national organizations” bringing some 86 different ministries together with the goal of serving and blessing the people of Iran.

Mike Ansari says political turmoil is creating unique opportunities to share the love of Christ.

After almost 40 years of the Islamic regime, the average Iranian is realizing that Islam is bankrupt and Islam is not able to answer their social, daily lives and the dilemmas they are dealing with. Iran is facing a host of crisis, from drug addiction to depression to suicide to sexually transmitted diseases to human trafficking. Unfortunately, Iran is dealing with so many issues and they are not finding answers within the state religion, but in Christ Jesus.

“Many Iranian Christians have turned to us asking what it is they need to do,” Ansari wrote in an email.

He says with all the negative news about Iran, it is easy to miss the big and often untold story of what Is really happening inside the Islamic nation.

“God is at work in Iran,” declared a confident Ansari. “Jesus is building His church, the {Holy} Spirit is transforming lives and the gospel is on the move.”

Mohabat TV is the media arm of Heart4Iran Ministries.

In 2006, Mohabat TV became the first 24-hour Farsi Christian satellite TV channel to beam gospel programs into Iran. Today, it is one of 4 satellite TV channels broadcasting continuous Christian programming into Iran.

“Christian satellite TV broadcasts into Iran have played a vital role in the success of underground house church movement,” Ansari wrote.

Recently 20 Iranians, many of whom accepted Christ watching Mohabat TV, traveled to an undisclosed location to get baptized. CBN News was granted exclusive access to the celebrations.

“The significance of media strategy is that it by-passes security measures set by the government and reaches the people of Iran through their TV set or on their smart devices.”

As a result Ansari believes Iran’s house churches are experiencing explosive growth as scores of Iranians abandon Islam for Christianity.

Iranian Christian Convert Leads Over 1,500 Muslims to Christ

“According to World Mission, the (underground) church in Iran is one of the fastest growing churches in the world,” Ansari wrote in an essay about Iran’s house church movement. “Most indigenous Iranian Christian leaders believe the house church movement in Iran is the lifeline of Christianity inside this country.

Ansari, an Iranian by birth, sat down with CBN News for an exclusive look at the church inside Iran.

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