Testimony: A Leukemia Patient Meets the Risen Jesus!

Published on 11 May 2016

A Leukemia Patient Meets the Risen Jesus! (Revised Version) – Kyung-Tae Lee, Hanmaum Church –
From the testimony: If I hadn’t had leukemia, I’d still be sinning in this world. And if I was healed without receiving Jesus, I would still be immersed in the world and living as my own lord. Rather than being hopeful about being healed, I am grateful that my body can be used for God’s work. It is no longer important whether I am cured or not. It is more important that I have received Jesus as my Lord, that my heart has been healed, and that I have become someone who spreads the gospel.
People look at me with wonder because they don’t see any worries on my face although I have leukemia. Then I tell them that it is because I have met Jesus. I can talk about the gospel in a simple way, and my leukemia has become a means to share the gospel. The twelve disciples must have known well that they would get killed if they talked about the risen Jesus. But rather than being afraid of death, they chose to speak about the risen Jesus, the greatest news of all, till they happily met the end of their lives. This was not something that they were forced to do. Their martyrdom became history because of the certainty of Jesus’ resurrection.