The Destiny of the Soul – Bread from the Potter


Source: The destiny of the soul – Bread from the Potter

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Date : 1st May 2018

I gave man freedom, it is the right of every man to be free, but what has man done with the freedom I gave him? By giving man a will I gave him the freedom to choose which path to follow in life. The world chooses the path of sin because it is pleasurable to the flesh. One of the great deceptions that has captured man’s heart is that indulging in any sin that the heart desires is freedom. This is error, sin does not bring freedom quite the opposite, sin brings captivity, it is the lure that leads you to hell. Yes it feels good to the flesh but what most people forget is that the desires of your flesh manifest in your body which is temporary. Your physical body is not eternal, the physical body is the garment that clothes man’s soul, it belongs only on this earth and cannot function effectively outside of earth’s environment. It was created out of the dust of the earth and at death it returns to dust. Children, do not be deceived by fleshly desires, these draw your heart and attention from me and when you focus on the flesh you fall into all sorts of sin. The world lives in the flesh in all its forms, they desire nothing else but to please their flesh, they are so obsessed with the flesh that they forget that they have an eternal soul. Furthermore, since it is appointed to man once to live and then the judgment it is obvious that after physical death the soul must and does continue to exist in another realm. Now you know that there are only two realms in the spirit, the kingdom of light which is my kingdom and the kingdom of darkness which is Satan’s domain. The choices you make while still in the body of flesh affects the destiny of your eternal soul. It is for this reason that I urge you to choose wisely. The pleasures of the flesh are confined to this earth in experience and duration. Beyond this earth the condition of your soul will determine the realm you end up in and what you will experience there. Furthermore the spiritual life is an eternal life regardless of which realm you choose, therefore, you can choose to end up in heaven through the salvation that I Jesus offer or you can choose to end up in hell where you will experience endless tortures forevermore. Remember also that your soul feels everything that your physical body now experiences but the soul’s experience is just more intense. Pain in the physical body is bearable, even the worst pain imaginable is bearable with or without medication but in hell the pain experienced by the soul is always unbearable not because the soul cannot withstand pain but because the pain itself is extremely intense and the senses that experience it are at a heightened peak, an extremely elevated level of reception and perception. Oh man, I hear many of you making a mockery of hell as if it is a fun place to be in, believe me one minute in hell will change the mind of the most wicked man. I am uttering these words in an attempt to warn you to make the right choice and escape the tortures of hell.
I love you truly, yours Jesus.

Ezekiel 18:20, Matthew 10:28, Matthew 16:26, 3 John 1:2