The Devil & Dark Technologies – Russ Dizdar


If there are Doctrines of Demons can there also be…

Technologies of the Devil?

1. The Dark side communicates..Voice to Skull…unaided minds and disinformation – What the Intel agencies should know about spying and inception “the real black ops”.

2. Who the Darkside seeks to communicate to: “Known targets” – Examples of the Nazi Doctors, The Hall of the Dead, “Voices from skulls” literally.

3. Dark side to the CIA, SNA, The Russians, The Brits and More – Tracking dark side technologies detecting dark presence in the mil labs synthetic telepathy!

4. Dark side to create globalism, Why not….Super weapons – Only one reason for weapons, only one reason for planetary defence weapons.

5. Dark side to create super surveillance “666” “The image” ” The grid” – Dark spirits the mark and the image of the beast created before it’s needed.