The Gift of Visions by the Grace of GOD: Chap. 5 – Throne of God: Husband and Wife Vision—2012


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The Gift of Visions by the Grace of GOD

Table of Contents
1. Ezekiel’s/Daniel’s Vision—2006 …9
2. The Locust Vision—2008 ………..21
3. Verbal Encounters—2011 ……….33
4. The Visitation Vision—2011……..37
5. Throne of God: Husband and
Wife Vision—2012……………………..47
6. The Orbs Vision—1992…………..53
7. Invisible Visual
8. Intervention Encounter—1979…63
9. Rapture: The
Recurring Dream—1963 ……………65
10. Final Warning ……………………..73
11. Attempts to Disclose …………….87
12. Conclusion…………………………..91

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The Gift of Visions by the Grace of GOD

Throne of God: Husband and Wife Vision—2012

In June of 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona, around 3:00 a.m., I was looking up into the sky when this vision happened. I must say it was an answer to a prayer we had asked Jesus for.
Ezekiel 10:1 “In my vision, I saw what appeared to be a throne of blue, lapis lazuli above the crystal surface over the heads of the Cherubim.”

Again, after a vision in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2011, the vision where Jesus touched my right eye, I knew everything I had seen was from God. I began my research in 2011 on the Word of God (Bible). When I read the book of Ezekiel, I wondered why I did not see the blue throne above the cherubim in 2006. I saw exactly what I described in chapter 1, but I wondered on
occasions if maybe I was just too astounded to have noticed. I only described what I remembered seeing. I have to be precise about all these visions God revealed to me. I cannot add or take away anything as I believe I might be put under scrutiny.


Three days prior to this vision, I was talking to my wife (as I customarily do) about Ezekiel’s vision. I must admit, I have had moments of doubt, so I asked my wife if she genuinely believed me. My wife had never experienced anything supernatural, unlike me. I was experiencing, seeing, and hearing it. In my mind, I thought maybe others did and didn’t talk about them.
I doubted mainly because I am not worthy. You know, why me? I am still far from it, for we will only be sin-free and thus worthy when we are in the Lord’s presence for eternity. Well, my wife said, “Of course I believe you!” So I asked her, “Wouldn’t you like to see a vision of your own then?” She responded, “No. I already believe in Jesus Christ.” Well, I persisted, “Wouldn’t you just like to see what God has been showing me in intervals throughout my life?” Finally, she agreed. She stated very firmly to me, “Just for your sake, I would, Daniel.”

Here is the prayer we prayed together in his words: John 20:29 “‘You believe because you have seen me; blessed are those who believe without seeing me.’ Father, my wife already believes in you, and she does not have to see to believe, but, Father, you say in Genesis 2:24, ‘This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife and the two are united into one,’ yet part of my flesh has not seen. For my sake, please let my wife see for then, Lord, I will know all these visions are from you in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Three nights later, I was outside again around 3:00 a.m. I had all but forgotten about our prayer together when, for whatever reason, I glanced up to a certain point in the sky. Lo and behold, I stood in awe and was so excited. What I was seeing was alive; Ezekiel 10:1 “The throne of God.” When I say alive, I am meaning not a craft. It looked like a regular star except this star was projecting a sapphire-blue color: the throne of God. It was moving gracefully, floating back and forth way up in the sky like a kite on a windy day. It moved so gently and wispily, the way a butterfly moves from flower to flower in slow motion. It was surreal. I thought about waking up my wife, but hesitated. What if by the time I go get her, it was gone? Like I mentioned prior to this, I had forgotten about the prayer request. Then suddenly, I felt an urgency to go get her, so I ran to our bedroom and yelled, “Get up quick! Put on your robe and come outside.

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!” I pointed to the sky and asked her, “What do you see?” I looked at my wife’s expression as she stood there with her mouth open in awe. What is so amazing about God is the way he answered this prayer. The Lord gave us both what we had prayed for. My wife wanted to see an angel from a distance. I have always wondered why I did not see “the throne of God over the Cherubim” (Ezekiel 10:1). Another amazing aspect of this vision is that I realized I did not have to hurry my wife after all. As soon as she walked back inside, I stayed and kept looking at the blue throne of God. The blue throne of God instantly changed into two huge blue wings, leaving the star (angel) in the middle. The wings then disappeared inward, leaving the star (angel) alone for about two seconds. When suddenly, at the speed of lightning, or even faster, it was gone. It just vanished. I knew at that moment my wife was meant to see it. Praise the Lord.