The Gift of Visions by the Grace of GOD: Chap. 7 – Invisible Visual Encounter—1984


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The Gift of Visions by the Grace of GOD

16 December 2017

Table of Contents
1. Ezekiel’s/Daniel’s Vision—2006 …9
2. The Locust Vision—2008 ………..21
3. Verbal Encounters—2011 ……….33
4. The Visitation Vision—2011……..37
5. Throne of God: Husband and
Wife Vision—2012……………………..47
6. The Orbs Vision—1992…………..53
7. Invisible Visual
8. Intervention Encounter—1979…63
9. Rapture: The
Recurring Dream—1963 ……………65
10. Final Warning ……………………..73
11. Attempts to Disclose …………….87
12. Conclusion…………………………..91

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Invisible Visual

The year was around 1984, and I was living in Banning, California, at the time. After this supernatural encounter, I then realized that chapter 8 was indeed an intervention from God to save my life in this world so that I could be his servant. I know the readers will wonder, as I have, why God saved my life and gave me all these supernatural visions. This has been a question I myself have wondered all my life. I want to speak of some of these questions.

Why did God save a backslider in sin? Why would God save me when so many helpless children and adults die every day? I could go on and on with the whys. Well, I have come to at least one conclusion. The reason I have pondered this why question for so many years is because I am guilty. I understand I could never be good enough no matter how hard I tried. It is true, since 2011, the Lord has changed me quite a lot from where I was prior to his visit. I also know that not one of us is good enough. This is true; even the pastors were and still are guilty of sin!

We are all guilty; we all deserve hell. The good news is Jesus, God the Creator, knew this, so Jesus came into the very world he created. He lived a perfect, sin-free life. Jesus gave his life and rose from the dead. People find this so hard to comprehend. It is that easy. Just invite him into your life and seek him and you will have eternal life. When we lose a loved one, especially a child, I realize the pain for us still living on earth is heart-wrenching. I speak through experience for my own son has been out of my life for seven years now. I often wonder if he is alive. I have come to put my trust in the all-knowing God.

I have come to the conclusion that the hard part of life is living it according to God’s plan for us and not our own. I’ll tell you the truth; if you have lost a child, the child is in heaven with God, happy and filled with joy. That child is with Jesus, waiting for you to accept Christ so you can be united with them for eternity. I also tell people who have lost a loved one that did not know Christ. God said it would be better if you never knew him than to know him and reject him. Knowing Christ is a relationship, so if I were to reject Christ now that I know him, I would have no chance of eternal life. This means if I never knew him, I would still have a chance for eternal life with him. I have had family members commit suicide that never knew him. If they would have known Jesus, they would not have done so. (Jesus said if we so shall believe, our families will be saved.) Jesus also said there will be people in heaven that we thought we would never see there. There will be people we thought would be there, but are not. Do I believe these family members that never knew Jesus are in heaven? Yes, I do! I must tell you how Satan will attack people who have lost loved ones in this way. They have guilt and anger with God. Why would the all-loving God permit this to happen? If only I would have just done this or that, why did I not see this coming? These are just some of the ways Satan attacks. He wants to make you reject God. God says to lean not on your own understanding and to trust God with all your heart.

Here is the visual encounter I was referring to. I was sitting on my couch in the living room, and I was listening to someone talk to me about Jesus. I was living a life of whatever pleasured me. I had always believed in Jesus but did not think he would give me a sign. So I told this person, if Jesus was real, let him show me something I cannot explain. I heard a noise come from the kitchen, so I looked. It was the cupboard door; it was swinging back and forth. This was impossible, or so I thought. Someone was standing there swinging the door back and forth, but that someone was invisible. This went on for at least forty-five seconds. I knew it was Jesus. Little did I know that Jesus was going to give me all the visions you have now read about in this book of the Lord’s. I call this book the Lord’s book because I would not be able to write this book unless God told the Holy Spirit to give me all these visions. My life has been what I call the school of hard knocks, of trials and tribulations given by the Holy Spirit. I must say, it is a lifetime course that will not be completed until the resurrection.