The Heavenly Vine – Gwendolen Song


If I Am the Vine and you are the branches
Why do you try to prune yourselves?
Why do you try to fertilize yourselves?
I sent My Father to prune your branches
And My Mighty Holy Spirit to fertilize and water you.

Let Me do My job and you do yours.
Yours is to understand the process of sanctification and healing.
Every heart on this planet has been affected by the enemy in one way or another.
It is My job to anchor you to Myself and provide the life source that you need for healing.
Remember that without Me you can do nothing on your own.
This is My plan and you are My creation.

Study My Growth Manual—
My Holy Word.
Study My attributes
And imitate Me often.
Bear much fruit and shine for the world to see Me in you.

The Heavenly Vine

Ps. We are connected for all eternity

(Messenger Gwendolen Song 7-4-18)