The Passion


Let us go on with this painful story, which you will have to carry to as many people as you can. I will enlighten all of you in the way you will do it.

2) When the soldiers were taking Me prisoner, Peter was amid the crowd, half hidden in one of the courtyards. We exchanged glances; he was wide-eyed. It was only for a fraction of a second and yet, I told him so much!… I saw him cry bitterly over his sin and with My Heart I told him:
“The enemy has tried to possess you but I do not abandon you. I know that your heart has not denied Me. Be ready for the battle of the new day, for the renewed struggles against spiritual darkness and prepare yourself to carry the Good News. Farewell, Peter.”

3) How often do I look toward the soul that has sinned, but does she also look? Not always do our eyes meet. How often do I look at the soul and she does not look at Me; she does not see Me; she is blind… I call her by her name and she does not answer Me. I send her a sorrow, a suffering so that she can emerge from her sleep, but she does not want to wake up.

4) My beloved ones, if you do not look at Heaven, you will live like beings deprived of reason… All of you, raise your heads and contemplate the Homeland that awaits you. Search for your God and you l will always find Him with His eyes fixed upon you, and in His look you will find peace and life.

5) Contemplate Me in prison where I spend a great part of the night. The soldiers came to insult Me with words and deeds, pushing Me, hitting Me, mocking My condition as a man.

6) Close to dawn, having had their fill of Me, they left Me alone tied up in a dark, damp and foul-smelling room, full of rats. I was tied in such a way that I had to remain standing or sitting on a pointed stone which was all they gave Me for a seat. My aching body was soon stiff with cold. I remembered the thousands of times that My Mother covered My Body, wrapping it up when I was cold… and I wept.

7) Now let us compare the Tabernacle with the prison and, above all, with the hearts of men. In prison I spent one night… how many nights do I spend in the Tabernacle?

8) In prison the soldiers, who were My enemies, insulted Me; but in the Tabernacle, souls who call Me Father, mistreat and insult Me. In prison, I suffered cold, sleeplessness, hunger, shame, sadness, pains, loneliness, and abandonment. I could see over the course of time, how in so many Tabernacles, I would lack the covering of love. How many frozen hearts would be for Me like the stone in the prison.

9) How many times I would be thirsty for love, thirsty for souls! How many days do I wait for such a soul to visit Me, to receive Me in her heart because I have spent the night alone and was thinking of her in order to quench My thirst! So many times I hunger for My souls, for their fidelity, for their generosity!

10) Will they know how to calm these longings? When they have to undergo some suffering, will they know to tell Me: “this will help to ease Your sadness, to be with You in Your loneliness?” And, O! If at least united to Me and as long as you would console My Heart, you would endure everything peacefully and be strengthened…

11) In prison I felt shame when I heard the horrible words that were hurled against Me, and that shame grew when I later saw that those same words would be repeated by beloved souls.

12) When those filthy and repugnant hands dealt Me blows and slaps, I saw how often I would be struck and slapped by so many souls who, without purifying themselves of their sins, without cleaning their house with a good confession, would receive Me in their hearts. Those habitual sins would deal Me blows repeatedly.

13) When they forced me to get up by shoving me, being without strength and because of the chains that bound Me, I would fall to the ground. I saw how so many souls, tying Me up with the chains of their ingratitude, would let Me fall upon the stones renewing My shame and prolonging My loneliness.

14) Chosen souls, contemplate your Spouse in prison. Contemplate Me on this night of so much pain and consider that this pain is prolonged in the solitude in so many Tabernacles, in the coldness of so many hearts.

15) If you want to give Me proof of your love, open your heart so I can make it My prison. Tie Me up with the chains of your love. Cover Me with your gentleness; feed Me with your kindness. Quench My thirst with your zeal. Console My sadness and abandonment with your faithful company. Make My shame disappear with your purity and righteous intentions.

16) If you want Me to rest in you, avoid tumultuous passions and in the silence of your soul, I shall sleep peacefully. Now and then you will hear My voice that softly tells you: My Spouse, you who are now My rest, I will be yours through eternity. To you, who provide Me the prison of your heart with so much dedication and love, I promise that My reward shall have no limits and the sacrifices that you have made for Me during your life will not weigh you down.