The pit without background – Josue de Yahushua


6 October 2018

The pit without background – Monday 4 August 2008.

Dear Reader, the next event took place at a very later stage, but as part of Satan’s revelations, I have added it to the second part of this book.

One night, while attending a meeting of prophets, I had a wonderful vision of a waterfall of silver white oil instead of water. From somewhere a drop of water fell into the pond of oil at the bottom of the fall and the oil produced a ring of colors like the rainbow. I watched carefully the circles that formed in the pond and saw the reflection of Jesus’ face in the middle. Then the anointing broke and I didn’t perceive anything else.

When I came home, I had my time of silence, and then I went to bed. Just when I was getting under the soft cover of the duvet, I heard the urgent voice of the Father: “Come, Hephzibah, we must go.” I wanted to wait a while to make sure I heard correctly, but the second command came with so much authority that I woke up immediately and ran into the guest room. I barely had time to sit down before the spirit took me to the edge of a sea as dark as the night. The conscience of the voice of Father God was the only evidence that He was not alone. His voice was soft, but ordered with power: “We must go immediately”.

At this stage, I didn’t ask any questions, even when they put me mouth up in a square shaped tube. I slipped into the black depths of water. ” Where is the angel, Father?” I screamed eagerly.

Suddenly I saw a round white light in the tube in front of me. Father God answered closely: “Hephzibah, today we are just you and me”

Although it was completely dark around me, I was aware of the presence of light all the time. Then things happened very fast and took me deeper into the ocean. Without my Father having explained it before, I knew in my spirit that this journey was to the pit without background. I didn’t understand immediately the reason for these events, but I was convinced that this was an important mission. The fact that the same Father God was with me, He showed it.

When I got out of the tube, I stood up. Everything around me was black, but I felt that I was standing in the water of great immensity. Even through darkness, cages slowly became visible to me. They were different in size and were standing in long rows behind thick doors and steel bars. It was impossible to see the beginning or the end of these cages in the dark.

As I moved between the cages, I was aware of my Father’s presence near me. Even through the darkness I could distinguish some of the contents of the cages. In some of them there were steel boxes, or trunks, closed with large locks, similar to the large locks of steel cages. In some of the cages I could see scrolls, and in other incredibly beautiful jewels: Rubies, emeralds, sapphires, citrines and many others.

The other cages were too dark and I felt that my Father didn’t want me to see their contents. These were protected by huge snakes that were curled around the cages like pythons. I briefly wondered if this was the same abyss as referred to in Revelation 20: 1-3: ” and I saw an angel who came down from the sky, with the key to the abyss and holding in his hand a great chain. He grabbed the dragon, the ancient snake, which is the devil or Satan, and tied him for a thousand years. He threw him into the abyss, locked him up and sealed him on him, to prevent him from cheating on nations until they had finished the thousand years.”

Although I was not afraid and I did not feel threatened, I experienced feelings of anger and resentment, because instinctively I knew that this was the domain of the enemy It was a desolate place, cold and away from God. I felt paralyzed and feared his ominous silence, but I still tried to determine what were the contents of the cages. It was disturbingly quiet. All I could hear clearly was the continuous drip of water. The floor around and in front of the cages was dirty and mouldy. I heard the Father say, “Come, we must go down deeper.”

We went down further in total darkness until I saw a point of light in the distance. “Those are your treasures. Come, we must take them to the light “, I heard the Father say.

When we approached the point of light, I saw a small steel box with a thick lock. Although the box seemed very heavy, I could still lift it. “Let’s go back another route. Come,” ordered the Father, and I had to follow Him in the total darkness. Things happened so fast that it felt like we were instantly transferred to the surface. When we left the dark water, we were in the same waterfall where I had been that same night.

“Your happiness, joy and your vocation were stolen. Now I will change this into blessings “, I heard the Father say with enthusiasm in His voice. An Angel took the steel box out of my arms and headed to the top of the waterfall. He opened the box and poured the content of the oil that spilled over the waterfall. I had to stand under the oil to cover me.
“From this moment, everything that was stolen from you will be returned a hundred times. You will be given by the Holy Spirit, a powerful anointing which will be lit inside you like a fire. Your day has arrived.

When I looked at the view, I saw something that looked like a sieve. Oil flowed through small funnels in the holes of the sieve and spilled onto me. After a while I heard my Father say gently and tenderly: “Go in peace, my daughter. Many gifts are still waiting for you.

When the spirit brought me back, I sat in silence for a long time, amazed by everything. The moment was so intense and overwhelming that I could only whisper: “thank you, thank you Father God. Thank you. You are almighty, Holy is Your Name, the Name above all names “.

Back in bed, I couldn’t sleep even though I was very tired. I meditated on events for a long time. How infinitely big and good is Father God! How unfathomable are the secrets and mysteries of heaven. No one can compare with the only eternal God of heaven and earth.