The Rich Man and Lazarus

Published on 23 Mar 2015

The Rich Man and Lazarus [Luke 16:19-31]

The parables which Lord Jesus taught, such as “The Good Samaritan” and “The Prodigal Son”, are told without any names attached. However, in relation to Luke: 16; 19 there are not one, but two, actual names attached to the story; Lazarus and Abraham. This is the only case where Jesus actually included any name(s) in a parable. Again, if this were a parable. I’m sure that The Lord’s stories probably related to a real life good Samaritan, or even some true to life prodigal son who did indeed come back to his father. But in “The Rich Man and Lazarus” I don’t believe it was by mistake, or chance, that The Savoir added actual names to the tale. When The Lord said, “The road to destruction is wide”, He was warning us of a literal hell. As a matter of fact, if you take time to study all four Gospels, you’ll find that our Savior warns us more about the dangers of ending up in hell even more so than he elaborates on Heaven. We’ve all lapsed into a society which wants to blot out even the mention of hell. Not only out of The Bible, but also out of our consciousness as well. People need to know (or be reminded) that both Heaven “and” hell are two very real places. And the only way to escape damnation and achieve salvation is through our Lord and Savior; Christ Jesus. He, and He alone, is our only hope of passing from this life into a glorious and eternal one. Warn those who have not accepted Him while they still have time.

Today is the day of salvation, for the grace of God has found you this day. DO NOT HARDEN YOUR HEART ANY LONGER. YOU DON’T HAVE MORE TIME for NOBODY knows the hour that the Master Returns. You are in the land of the living, and have been warned of this terrible truth. Scripture testifies that if you DO NOT KNOW Christ, then you are one of the brothers of the Rich man that needs to AWAKE FROM YOUR SLUMBER.

It’s either you have the righteousness of Jesus Christ to enter into Heaven’s courts or you SHALL BE CONDEMNED and CASTED INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE. REPENT. FORSAKE ALL YOUR SINS AND TRUST ALONE IN THE FINISH WORK THAT JESUS CHRIST HAS DONE FOR YOU ON THE CROSS. The hour is at hand, it is NOT by chance that you’ve watched this video, but rather it is the will of God that you get right with him. Be lukewarm NO MORE. REPENT & TRUST ALONE IN JESUS CHRIST FOR THE SALVATION OF YOUR SOUL.