There is a lot of deception going on in the Christian world… Susan Davis


Dear FB Friends: There is a lot of deception going on in the Christian world–just as the Bible warned would happen in the last days. You have got to be on guard–praying for discernment. BE very careful–YOU MUST make time daily to read your Bible–you don’t study counterfeits–you study the original to recognize the counterfeit. Here are some things to really watch for now.

1) There are prophecies that say this thing will happen and that thing will happen before the rapture of the church–well if this were the case then I would say–then why in the world do we need to watch when you say this event has to happen first–what would keep someone from preparing their garment and pursuing GOD? They just say well when that earthquake in California happens I’ll straighten up and fly right–NO WAY–GOD says watch NOW–because you DO NOT KNOW WHEN HE IS COMING–so be very careful about these things. Also GOD IS NOT double-minded–HE would not say things are going to get better, when HE gave dozens of signs in the Bible showing the times to watch for and these signs have come to pass pointing to the further decline into evil is coming not a turn-around scenario for a world embracing evil and heading for trouble.

2) The rapture is a “signless” event–all the signs are for the LORD’s second coming to earth which means the church has to be removed in the rapture in order for it to return with HIM in the second coming. All the signs leading up to the second coming will take place from now through the Tribulation. Many have already happened meaning the rapture is really close.

3) The peace agreement will be put together by the Antichrist after the rapture–first the rapture–then the Antichrist is revealed because the church is out of the way–then the Antichrist makes a false treaty that lasts half of the 7 year tribulation and at that half way mark he breaks his promises and he becomes the worst nightmare for the Jews the last half of the seven year tribulation. Only CHRIST WILL BRING TRUE PEACE when HE comes with the raptured church in the second coming.

4) The scripture says THEY WILL BE SAYING peace and safety–but there will be none and that’s what’s going on now–lots of talk but it will be the antichrist who puts a false peace treaty together after the bride is taken out of the way and the AC is revealed.

5) There are not three raptures–only one–you need to get ready for the ONE and only single rescue event–once the door shuts the virgins with the oil lamps that aren’t filled go back for oil but its too late.

6) Darkness takes place during the tribulation period not before the rapture. And the only reason people say its three days is because it reminds us of the plague of darkness during the plagues of Egypt and that plague was three days, so the assumption is that it will be the same, but that is not in Revelation.

7) People are saying that they are getting words from family members and other famous Bible characters who have passed on. This cannot be. The Bible says not to engage in necromancing (necro comes from death and mancing is derived from the word romancing meaning romancing the dead). Dead people do NOT come back to talk to anyone–if someone identifies himself/herself as a dead relative or a dead Bible character it is a familiar spirit and you are essentially hearing from a demon. Just like King Saul got in trouble for calling up the dead prophet Samuel with the help of the Medium of Endor–you are not to listen to this stuff–and don’t believe words from people who get messages from dead people…

8) Why is the US in trouble for brokering a peace deal with Israel and its enemies? Because when there is a third party trying to negotiate with two separate parties, negotiating means that each party will be asked to make concessions in the negotiations. If the US asks Israel to make ONE concession (to give up anything) WE ARE CROSSING GOD–because the Bible says TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED…that means TOUCH NOT….

Ask the LORD to help you and to show you scripture and HE will guide you. The enemy is looking for who he can devour.