1Thessalonians 4.16-17 Message 380 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on 31 Dec 2016


I said 370 in the message but it is 380

1 Thessalonians 4-16:17 Message 380

The other day the Lord did something He has never done before, in fact I asked Him not to show me a date. He showed me 01/07/2017 and told me to look at the clock it was 1:07pm on the 27th. I had Judgment come to mind. I had the seventh seal brought to mind, and the fact that after the Lord was crucified He rose on the third day. Today He has been with me and reminded me of the other afternoon and said He had a message, I asked Him what He wanted to say and I heard clear.

This is the time of My coming, it is now upon you. The day of the Lord is upon you. Stay in Me, do not fear as I am here, and at ANY MOMENT you will hear Me coming through the clouds. There will be thunder and lighting.  Do not fear the enemy as he knows his time is short, but I Am in control and My Will, Will Be Done.


I am not thinking He is warning us of a date, but telling us it is Now, at any moment He will be taking us out of here. He loves us very much and He has been warning for many years.
He showed me that the dream I had of the Russian Circus was telling of the election hacking that obama is blaming on them.
The UN voting to split Israel in a two state solution were also in dreams, visions and messages that the Lord has had His warning all bringing us to now.
There is no time to waste, it could happen at any moment now. Trust Him and His lead in your life as He is pouring out His Holy Spirit on the whole world now.
Go to Him, stay within Him and show the world His love until He takes us home.