THIEF IN THE NIGHT: Massive Death in USA from God’s Judgment (Gwendolen Song)


Published on 20 Jun 2019

1 Thessalonians 5:1-11 The Day of the Lord Revelation 18:1-8 Joel 3:2
The Fall of Babylon the GreatA Prophecy of a Great Shaking and a Great Awakening of the Nations (Messenger Gwendolen Song, May 30, 2019)
To My Dearest Children at the end of the Church Era, This is your LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ. Today I am coming to you with a very serious message for those who are striving to meet their LORD in the sky; to those who want to have everlasting life with Me and My Father. Children, there is a great shaking coming to the soil of the USA in the future. That day will not come until there is a substantial falling away of the faith in Me. A great falling away of those who believe in Who I am and what I did for them at Calvary. I am the Alpha and the Omega and I am here today to explain to you that unless there is true repentance that a multitude of lives in the USA will be taken quickly like a thief in the night. I have set in motion a series of events that will shake and rock the very ground of the USA. It will not be for the faint of heart. It will come after the signing of the historic peace accord dividing My holy land. Whoever divides My holy land I will divide theirs! I will violently shake the perverted soil that the people of the USA walk on. I will shake the harlot’s backyard and give her a wake up call that the Son of Man is no longer going to tolerate her prostitution with the other nations of the earth.
Children, hear Me this day, those of you residing in the USA, REPENT of the fornication, the alcohol and drug addiction, the sex trafficking, the lying, cheating, turning your backs on the unborn children, treating your pets better than your own offspring! Please repent for telling people that they have a new hope when they come in through your borders, but in reality you are using them to help crash the US economy. Repent US government! Repent politicians! Repent abortionists! Repent lukewarm pastors! Repent Senators and Congressmen and Congresswomen who are working secretly to overthrow the US government and its Constitution. You will be judged with My fire, My holy fire! You will land into My lake of fire if you do not repent.
The Ruler of the Universe. The Ruler of Heaven and Earth
Lord Yeshua/Jesus Christ
I am coming back very soon!
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