Thousands of Muslims in Bangladesh Are Coming to Christ…

Islam Faith Declines as Thousands of Muslims in Bangladesh

Are Coming to Christ Despite Heavy Persecution!


Bangladesh was ranked as the 35th worse country in the world when it comes to Christian persecution. Many Christians have been killed, beaten, raped and tortured in Bangladesh because of their faith.

“Conversion is not forbidden by law, but pressure to recant the Christian faith will be exerted by family, friends and neighbors. There have been several reports of Christians having to give up their shops or businesses due to the pressure by the Muslim majority,” the Open Doors report adds.

“Converts themselves are isolated from their family frequently and registration of converts’ children is problematical as in most cases they are automatically registered as Muslims.”

Muslim radicals often have a level of impunity because police in Bangladesh tend to turn a blind eye to the persecution of religious minorities, according to Christian Freedom International.

Despite the heavy persecution against Christians in Bangladesh, the number of Muslims coming to Christ have also vastly increased, although 90 percent of its population are Muslims. Because the country is dominated by a Muslim majority government, Christians are at risk of being killed or persecuted because of their faith in Jesus Christ.

 According to the human rights organization Christian Freedom International, it is estimated that as many as 91,000 Muslims across Bangladesh have converted to Christianity in the last six years, even though apostasy in many Muslim cultures is punishable by death.

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