Three Hearts Church: CORONAVIRUS Part Six – 5G, SMART METERS


2 May 2020
Kennedy Beltram sings: “The Solid Rock,” “Beneath the Cross of Jesus” and “Lead on oh King Eternal”
Cherie Beltram sermon on “Coronavirus” in the End Times.
Some things discussed in this message are: Leigh Nichols was a pseudonym of Dean Koontz’, no cold war, Luc Montagnier says virus is man made, DO NOT TAKE ANY VACCINE, Dr. Thomas Cowan MD speaks on coronavirus, frequency, radiation, 5g is a water destructuring device, metal in vaccines, weaponized frequencies, cold and flu season perfect cover, Barrie Trower talks on 5g and frequencies and radiation, NARDI district has a mountain range that they completely killed in 18 months with just the transmitters, all appliances will eventually have smart communicating built in and talk to the smart meter and report and plug in to the smart grid, more radiation and frequencies shooting through your home and neighborhood, Tom Wheeler talks about 5G, no studies on 5g, other frequencies even at low end are still harmful, once you are in the grid they can turn your power off remotely, 5g will be in urban and rural areas – all areas, the cloud, the internet of things, smart grid, hive mind, artificial intelligence, John F. Kennedy wanted to shut down secret societies, Obama legalized propaganda, luciferians serve lucifer because he has blessed them with power, money and fame.
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