Transmitting God’s Power – Laying on of Hands | Derek Prince


26 Dec 2020
Why do we lay hands on people? And when and how do we do lay hands on people?
This is Derek Prince’s seventh sermon in his series ‘Laying the Foundation’, about the foundation of the Christian life and faith. Transmitting God’s Power.
0:00 Introduction & proclamation
01:41 What’s The Purpose Of Laying Hands On People?
08:06 Examples of laying on of hands in the Old Testament
21:52 Why you should be part of a Christian congregation
25:27 How Can We Impart The Spirit Of God?
30:52 How To Commission Servants Of The Church
35:26 Sending Out Apostles
41:30 Don’t Hastily Appoint An Elder
46:30 How Did Timothy Become An Apostle?
56:37 Dangers & safeguards of laying on of hands