Tribes Of Israel Message 384 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on Jan 4, 2017

Tribes Of Israel Message 384
A few nights ago I had a dream that there was a horse drawn sleigh that people were getting on it. There was only one horse, and there were twelve people on the very small sleigh. Then I saw Jesus and He said “There is room for twelve more.”
I also saw a number counter and it was going up in number very fast. I believe the number I saw started at 123,000, then 124,000, etc. It was moving very, very fast as the numbers went higher.
I dreamed this morning that there was a tornado, I could see things being destroyed, but I was in the eye of the storm and no harm came to me. The tornado came down, destroyed things and then went up. It destroyed things but no people were hurt.
In the second dream and the one that I had about time stopping, I was shown a man, I didn’t see his face but I had the knowing that we had just been paired, I also knew that this pairing was temporary.  The Lord showed me that we will be paired with the ancient ones.
Tribes Of Israel, I call to you all.
Each and every one of you, from every house, from every tribe, come in to Me and come in now.
I Am transforming you all as you come in, before your very eyes I am removing things from you that is not of Me.
I Am lifting the scales from your eyes.
I Am filling your heart with Me, and through My Holy Spirit you are being made new, a new and even stronger creation in Me.
Do not doubt, do not let anything take your attention from Me, as now is a very important time in the transformation.
I Am bringing you into new and wonderful things.
Do not let yourself slow down or come into fear of these things, as I want you to have all I have for you.
I have everything under control and I will lead you through if you let Me.
Do not hold on to the things of the past, as that is old manna, come deeper into Me so I can give you fresh and new manna.
Today I Am calling to you all again.
Do you hear My call for you?
Each and every one of you come, come into Me.
Come into Me in humility with forgiveness, and repentance in your heart.
Let Me strip away all that should not be there, and let Me show you the way.
There is power in Me, and if you are within Me than it is in you. Let that power come through to make you new.
The new book of Revelations is being written right now, and I truly want to add your chapter, I want to be able to write about all that you are brought to during this time of My revealing to you of My truth and understanding.
Daniel was shown many things and told to hide them well. He did and now it is time for these things to be revealed unto you.
Now is the time for you to listen, to hear Me, and receive all that is of Me.
Do you know I love you?
Do you know My heart aches to spend time with you?
Do you know that there is not much of your time left and this phase of anointing will be gone forever?
There is nothing to fear, nothing that you need to bring as it is time to let go and let Me provide everything.
I also heard part of a song when I woke up this morning. “Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la. The anointing of the Holy Spirit and flowing is really strong right now and is like never before. I really feel that what He is calling us in and receive it is because something will happen, will happen very soon. At any time now, and within this season.
Don’t hold on to anything, and do not be afraid to come into Him, His power, His anointing, truth and understanding. We need to have complete faith, and trust in Him. When I had the dreams that there were things around me that could cause me harm, I had no sense of fear, or untrust. I knew I was safe, the thought otherwise never crossed my mind, just like when I was a child, I knew I was safe. He protects us and will through this new phase of anointing and understanding.
The things that we hold on to, our understanding, beliefs, are our flesh and is of this world. It has no place in the Lord. Let Him cut you free of all things that are not of Him, trust Him completely as a child trust its parents as He is our Father and will let no harm come to us. When I was young, I didn’t like to get hurt when I was with my grandmother because she would get angry. I was shown right away by the Lord why she got angry, and it was really because she loved me, that she did. When I would get hurt she would get scared, she got scared because she did not know what to do.
This fear would make her angry because she did not like being afraid, because she felt helpless etc. So this spirit of fear would turn into anger, and so on. I could see she was afraid, worried, and at times would get angry and lash out at me. I loved my grandmother very much and did my very best never to make her feel that way.
As an example, I was in line to go back into school from the play ground, I had turned around to talk to a friend, when I turned back and ran right into a sign pole. Later, just before school let out it was storming and my hair got wet and I could not cover the bump on my head so I went to the teachers to find a comb so I could cover it with my bangs. Finally I left school and walked home. I was not worried about the storm, and rain was just water so home I walked and was just fine.
When I got home she did not see the bump but had called the school to see if I had left as I was now late getting home. She was worried about me, scared something had happened to me and of course she was angry when I got home because she found out I was looking for a comb. Lol Of course I was sent to my room for not coming home right away, without her asking what had happened or why I was looking for the comb. She had decided that I was goofing off, and because there was such a bad storm I could be hurt, or something else could have happened, but the underlying spirit that caught hold of her was fear.
We all have had this fear in our lives, and it has changed faces in all of us. When someone does not believe the way we think they should, when someone does not see things as we do, etc. If we lash out, not love and not listen to God and His understanding and attack, we are holding to the flesh and the world.
It seems like such an important thing, our own understanding but it is not of God and if we do not trust Him completely, and do not have complete faith in Him than He cannot bring us all the way in.
We need to be willing to let go of everything, and understand that it is Him that should live in through us and have nothing of ourselves in there. If we truly are to be His vessels, we need be emptied of ourselves, there should be nothing of us in there.
If we truly are to be a reflection of God unto the world that only God should be in us to reflect through us. Now is such an important time, now is the outpouring of His Spirit as written in scripture and now is the great reveal, the great revival and the book of Revelations is being written right now.
Let Him be able to add your story in it by coming to Him now so He can show you, your chapter. Let there be nothing in His vessel but Him. It really is okay to not know everything, and it is not a sin to misunderstand but the Lord has shown me that we can turn it into one.
Go to the Lord and let Him remove all of the old and make you new again. God bless you all and I love you. I have listed a link in the transcript to letters and information for the left behind, please print this out if you are led to.