Tsunami in New Jersey, Economy Fall, Israel, Martial Law and RFID Chips – Elvi Zapata


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Published on Mar 8, 2017

Brother Elvi Zapata had a vision of tsunami which was coming to New Jersey. He said that it was at least 100 ft high. Many people of God have had similar dreams and visions about tsunami. Tsunami is coming before the rapture which is the Bible prophecy. In Revelation 6:13, the stars of heaven fell to the earth. The starts here in Greek is asteroid. The two third of the earth is covered by water. It is more chance to drop in the oceans. Once it dropped on the sea, it generates a huge tsunami. Please pray to God seriously. Before you are physically ready, you must be ready spiritually. You may escape from God’s judgment for one time if you escape to the higher altitude. But you will encounter the worst time of the earth which is the great tribulation. It is time to repent your sins and completely surrender to Jesus. So you could be spiritually ready! He is coming for the holy and righteous.

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