Unbroken Curses

Unbroken Curses

by Rebecca Brown

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Unbroken Curses by Rebecca Brown


Many Christians attend church regularly and strive with all their hearts to lead godly lives. However, in spite of their best efforts, everything seems to fall apart. No matter how hard they try or how much counseling they receive, nothing seems to help. For example, how often have you heard someone make a comment such as this: “My life was going along pretty smoothly until I accepted Jesus Christ. Then everything that could possibly go wrong did!” Maybe you have even made such a statement yourself.

Some Christians fail to understand why, in spite of everything they do, their children turn against them and against God and walk straight into destruction. Other Christians accept the Lord gladly, grow spiritually for a while, and then find they are no longer able to maintain a close relationship with the Lord. They seem to be unable to read and study their Bibles or pray, and eventually they give up interest and fall away. Still others struggle their whole lives with an on-again, off-again walk with the Lord, never able to establish and maintain a consistent walk with Him.

Then there are those believers who battle year after year with all sorts of illnesses and catastrophic accidents. No matter how much they pray, believe, or attend healing services, nothing changes or improves in their lives. The conflict just continues without any resolution or any revelation from the Lord as to the reason for the lack of victory.


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