Bread from the Potter: United in truth


Source: United in truth – Bread from the Potter


Proverbs 16:28, Joel 3:10, Romans 16:17, 1 Corinthians 1:10-17, 1 Corinthians 3:3-4, Ephesians 5:25-27.

United in truth

  Children band together, encourage each other. In the coming persecution you are going to need each other. Love one another, remain united in my truth, avoid dissensions, correct injustices quickly and do not hold a grudge against your brother. There really is no time for pettiness, the weak must become strong, the easily hurt must learn to let go of their bitterness and open their hearts to forgive quickly.

What will your petty wrangling achieve except to further divide my body and cause disunity? Do you not understand the times you are in? The end of this age is at hand, is your pettiness really even worth the effort? It is time for the weak to become strong, it is time to prepare for my return and shall I return for a sullen, easily outraged bride who has unforgiveness in her heart? Certainly not! Do you not know the word?

I return for a bride without wrinkle or spot, unblemished, a virgin, untouched by another and I do not mean necessarily a physical virgin but definitely a spiritual one, one whose heart, body and mind belongs to me for does not my word say you should offer up your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable in my sight?

I am Holy and I expect my children to be holy. Make no mistake my word is true and all shall be fulfilled as written.

Do not pay attention to the naysayers and the abominable ones who have literally changed my word and its meaning to suit their own wicked purposes. You no longer have an excuse, if you belong to a cult and I have sent my true messengers to you to preach my truth to you and you reject them you can no longer feign ignorance for I sent my truth to you and you rejected it with prejudice, without investigation.

A wise man investigates matters to discover and follow the truth but a foolish man remains in ignorance deliberately, even when his curiosity is piqued he is too lazy to get up and investigate to find truth, he is bound by lies in a prison of his own choosing, he is without excuse before me.

Children, you are not only responsible for finding and investigating the truth but for also practicing it and implementing it in your lives and in the lives of those over whom you have influence most especially your children particularly while they are still young.

A time is already here when the true doctrine is already being shunned and I will give the world what they want. A time is coming when only those who desire and seek the truth will find it and those whose hearts have turned to stone and have sold themselves over to evil to them this truth will be hidden for I will no longer cast my pearls unto swine.

Those who take the mark of the beast will never again have the opportunity to accept my truth into their hearts their fate is forever sealed and to preach the truth to them is like trying to capture the wind, impossible. It is so ordained and indeed it shall be so.

Oh what horrific miseries await those who reject truth and righteousness, their bed will be with the never dying worms and for light a never ending flame in the middle of deep darkness. Children, protect and defend the truth, it cost me my life to give it to you. I love you always.

Jesus, Amen.