Published on 8 May 2019

Rhema Message: What Would You Do For Your King?/ Get Ready for My Coming!
Children, What would you do for your King? Do you say that you belong to Me yet you are wasting precious time doing unprofitable earthly things? Are you planting your face towards the ground and lifting up praise and exaltation to My glorious throne? Do you even know how to worship Me, dearest ones? Has it been so long and the enemy has deceived you into thinking that it is a waste of time, and that surfing the internet and spreading end time messages is of greater benefit? Do not be deceived, dearest ones. Do not be deceived. Many of you are indeed warning others. You are doing your part of sounding the alarm, but what about the time that you spend with Me? Are you spending your God-given time wisely? What if you are not ready yourself to meet Me? You have spent so much time going through the end time news articles and watching all of the latest videos, but you are walking in unforgiveness towards a family member. Do you think that your work would then be in vain?
The task of preparing for My coming does not begin with sounding the alarm to those on social media, dearest ones. The task begins with allowing My Holy Spirit to refine you with My Holy Fire. Many of you are deceived into thinking that because you are sounding the alarm of My coming that you will automatically be taken up when I arrive in the skies. No dearest ones, that is a lie from the pit of hell. You must first allow Me to begin with you, with your heart before Me. Have you looked into the spiritual mirror and asked My Holy Spirit to give you an analysis of your preparedness to meet Me? No one is guaranteed tomorrow. You must work out your salvation with great fear and trembling. To the point that you are chasing the hem of My garment looking for anything of offense in your life. Do you have unforgiveness in your heart? You may say that you do not, but unless you humble yourself before My throne of grace you will not be able to see the unrepentant issues in your heart. You must ask and it will be given. If you seek anything that has to do with the Kingdom of God you will be shown the answer in one way or another. Humble yourself before Me today.
These are some questions that you may bring to your prayer time:
1.) Do I have any unconfessed sin in my heart?
2.) Have I accused someone of something that was a twisted lie from the enemy?
3.) Have I been guilty of judging others?
4.) Do I easily forgive?
Children, these are some basic questions to bring before Me in order that I may begin preparing you for My Eternal Kingdom. Liars, unforgiving persons, those with malice or greed in their hearts will not be allowed to enter in. Are you resentful towards your spouse or your children? Am I not Almighty God? Aren’t all things possible with Me? Get your own spiritual business in order today, dearest ones. I would rather you not post anything on social media until you deal with your own spiritual preparedness today. Do not be caught with blinders on your eyes because of selfishness or pride. Let Me give you a Bride of Christ makeover today!
LORD YESHUA, JESUS CHRIST, The Redeemer of all Mankind