Very urgent clarion call to pray!! We Are In The Final Hours, What You Can Do…

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Published on 7 Oct 2017

Jesus said, “Yes the time is at hand, it truly is.”
But what about the three years?
“They were conditional, more prayer is needed.”
“It is very difficult for Me right now, weighing the options…seeing the good bringing forth fruit, seeing the bad destroy it. The battle is fierce as you discovered when you saw your angels in a recovery ward. Nevertheless, there are more with you than against you as long as you stay in My will and obey what you know to be right, not giving in to any worldly impulse. “
“My dear, dear Heart Dwellers, we are on the final leg of the journey. How I wish it could be postponed and perhaps yet a miracle could happen. But as things stand they are rapidly deteriorating and need your constant prayer. The world is still attractive to some of you and that hampers your time and focus on prayer and on Me. As you let these things of the world go, I fill you again with My Spirit, to enable you to intercede.”

This prayer is VERY important: (here is the prayer):

‘Father, please restrain the increasing darkness and grant us more time, more grace, more mercy to sow and gather souls.  

Please grant us the wisdom and self-control to live for You alone, in these final hours.’

“If enough souls say this prayer from the heart and accompany it with offerings, there is a chance—a very slim chance—that a massive setback to evil will take place. A very slim chance. It’s up to you My People”


So, my dear Heartdwellers, I am asking all of you to lend a hand, to get this prayer out all over the Internet. I don’t know how to do ads on the Net but I’m asking for help.  If any of you are experienced in this, please help me. I have some artwork and words; they should be completed tomorrow.  And we have a budget to spread this hopefully world-wide.   If you can help, please leave contact information in a private message to us and we will be in touch. Let’s gather together family and shout this prayer from the roof tops!!

God bless you, Beloved of His Heart.