Urgent Message 424 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on Feb 3, 2017

Urgent Message 424
My Children, I brought you to the date of  January 7, 2017, I also brought you to January 29-30 January 2017.
During these times, great things happened in the Spiritual Realm. I returned to many the things that had been stolen.
I also took from some the anointing that I had been giving them because they left My path, and gave this new anointing and calling to others.
From now until the time you come home, I will continue to lead those that stay within Me to a new and greater anointing.
I will bring you to new heights, in this anointing and reveal much more of My truth, as you have stayed pure, you have held on to Me and your faith in Me.
For you a new door has opened to bring My Bride through, as you and you alone have stayed true to Me and your faith in Me through these times of testing and trial.
You stayed true to My path for you, you were not led astray by the snares of the Fowler, you came to Me first in all things and held your tongues against your brother.
You have stayed true to your calling, the calling I had purposed for you before you were born.
You see I do lead you into new directions, but I do not take away from the original, I add to it.
Much is coming your way My loves, My Children, My Brides, that the world has been blind to.
You see I Am a very good and faithful Father, but I do correct as needed.
Israel has not heeded My words, just like the rest of the world’s nations, and Israel will fall, just like in the days of old they too have sacrificed their young and My wrath will be poured out on all nations.
You see the world has been blind, Israel is not just a place it is a people, and the world has come against My people for too long.
And while the people have been praying for a place, they have not prayed for My people, and many have come against My People, My Children, My Anointed ones.
I Am truly calling to My warriors, My Good and Faithful, that have held true to their calling, as in the dream Terri had of the army filing in behind Me to go to war.  It Is Time for You to chose, who will you follow?
Put on your whole armor, and stay your course, as the battle has begun and My army will be seen. Yeshua
I shared the dream I had yesterday that I was helping deliver milk. I did not see until later that the place we delivered it was a school not a store, and the milk was in the small cartons like you get in school. The individual cartons are like the individual anointing He is pouring on us and the words and revelations He is giving us are the milk. As we are all being trained in His school and transformed right now.
Last night I had three dreams, One there were many standing in line to get sack lunches to go out.
In the next my brother John and I were helping my friend Jeff find shoes, John and I had ours but there were many still looking for theirs. All of us were dressed in white, and the shoes were white, I remember saying that Jeff needed really big shoes size 11 1/2.  I looked up 115 and found Psalm 115 Not to us Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory. I also was given the knowing that John was the voice in the wilderness.
I also dreamed that our liberties and freedoms had been taken. People were being taken to places under false pretences and supplies were few. There were two items left to buy and I bought one for $2.30. There were a few women there not dressed well and the men look cold and hard and were dressed in black. I did not get the feeling that the people know how bad things really were for them. looked up 230 and found Deuteronomy 29.
Yesterday as I was talking with a sister in Christ about His coming being very near, I heard a very high pitched ding, ding, ding and on the third ding the tone went solid, and sounded like an alarm siren.
There is much on the way and we need to hold tight onto the Lord. He is getting us ready for the next phase, He is increasing the anointing, Spirit and wisdom more and more. We stay ready by staying in Him and His calling. Do not be afraid or stop trusting Him. He knows best and He will take us to where we are to be. Trust in the Lord as He has us all. God bless you.