URGENT MESSAGE To President Donald Trump (Messenger Gwendolen Song)


Published on 15 Apr 2019

Urgent Message to President Donald Trump: A Call for National Repentance (Messenger Gwendolen Song, April 14, 2019)

A Rhema Message From the Maker of Heaven and Earth, Jesus Christ to President Donald J. Trump

To My Dearest Son whom I love with all that is within Me. You are My creation and I am your Creator. It is I who made you and no one else. I own every speck of DNA within you. My signature is on all of My handiwork.

Today I want to share with you a very special mystery that is going to take place after a time period called the 3 Days of Darkness. Since you are very apt to expose the NWO’s fake news, I am going to give you a news headline straight from the Throne of the Living God. There are dark days ahead for the United States of America. A nation that I have had My hand on since its humble beginnings. Son, there is a nuclear event coming to the USA and I have already begun sharing it with My beloved children. I have been preparing their hearts to be ready for anything which includes being ready to meet their Maker should they be in areas greatly affected.

There is no government on this planet that will explain to the people what is really going on behind the scenes. No government will truly explain that there are greater powers of darkness at work which have nothing but hatred for My precious children. I have been waking up My dear children with prophetic dreams and visions for several decades and in the very near future they will come forth as the children of Light—children of My eternal light and hope. I have let many of My children know the plans of the fallen ones. I have also let them know that there is a solar system that will collide with their solar system in the future which will usher in a global government and I will bring an end to the dangerous plans of Lucifer which include completely annihilating all of My precious children. My children are filled with My light. They are filled with the power of My Holy Spirit also.

I want you to take this message to your pastor and ask him to verify its veracity. Your days in the White House will come to an end one day and then the last king who was the 7th king will rise to power once again. He will come by storm and he will cause the greatest massacre of Christians across the planet. He will come at a time of peace and then usher in chaos. I will be watching him very carefully and not allow all of his plans to come to fruition. I am the King of the Heavens and Earth and My stardom cannot be overshadowed by anyone. I am the Bright Morning Star and I am the Darling of Heaven.

Son, I want to ask you to call a national day of repentance for all of the unborn children who have been murdered in your country during your term as president. I want you to call the nation to fasting and prayer for 24 hours to let Me and My Father know that you are sincerely sorry. If you fail to do this, My son, I will rain down fire from the heavens upon the USA at a time that is not known to you, and rocks of fire will destroy all of the infrastructure that was once precious to the founding fathers.

The king that will follow you will not even pause to look up to Me except to wave a flag of colors from his homosexual agenda. I will wipe the smirk off of his face and humble him and his accomplices one day. It will be a day of great celebration for all of those who have suffered during his reign. Again, please call a day of national repentance to let the One True King of the Universe know that you mean business with stopping the slaughter of millions of innocent lives in the USA. Do it soon, My son. Your time is winding down.

Father God and His Son Jesus Christ, The Messiah to the World.

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