Prayer – Yours is the victory and Majesty alone


Susan Davis
25th March, 2016

Praise & Worship List Prepared by Pastor Esher Shoshannah:

Yours is the victory and Majesty alone
You are the Mighty God who keeps me
You are the Most High and only true God
In You is grace, Mercy & help in time of need
Your universe is exceedingly Magnificent
You are my heart’s Melody & my life’s song
You give me Your Name to honor in my life
You are always Near to guide & protect me
Jesus – Your Name is above all names
You’ll Never leave me nor forsake me
You are the Noble One of all that is good
You were Nailed to the cross because of me
You are always Needed daily by me
You supply all my soul’s Needs
You still have the Nail scars to remind me
With You Nothing is impossible
You Nourish my spirit with Your Word
You are the Narrow way & the only way
You are my Offering to those around me
You bless me as I Obey Your Word
You Word gives Order to my steps
You were totally Obedient, may I be to You
You Observe all that I do as Your child
You Overcame the devil by Your blood
You are the Oracle of God speaking life
You are Abba Father’s Only Begotten Son
You completely Own me & all that I have
You are the Omega of my day to rest in
You are Omniscient, You know all about me
You are Omnipresent in all places at once
You are Omnipotent, all powerful
Your love Overwhelms me to love & obey
There is only One God and I worship You
You Opened my spiritually blind eyes
Praising You defeats the enemy
Precious are Your thoughts to me
Old things have Past away, new have come
Your Crown of Thorns crushed the curse
You are my Passover from death to life
They Crucified You Lord the Prince of Life
In Your Presence is fullness of joy
You are the Potter to make me like Jesus
The commandment of the Lord is Pure
Your Spirit is a Pledge to my soul
You Prayed for me while nailed to the Cross
You Purchased me at unspeakable cost
You Protect me as I trust and obey You
Your Word is Pure, holy and alive
You bore my sin’s Pain and shame
You are Personal knowing all I say & do
You are my heart’s Pleasure to give You joy
You are my Purpose for living
You are my Provider in my spirit, soul, body
You are the Prince of Peace for my heart
You Purify my thoughts by Your Word
You Prepare me for each day to live for You
You are absolutely Preeminent to be obeyed
One day, no more Pain, sorrow or death
You Pardon my sin freely as I repent
You are Patient with me so I can learn
You are Precious to me and I am to You
You Possess me by Your Holy Spirit