Visions of Other Parts of the Heavenly City

Visions of Other Parts of the Heavenly City

By H.A Baker

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Visions of Other Parts of the Heavenly City

These Chinese children1 by no means saw all of heaven. They themselves knew that they had seen only parts of the city that is four-square and as high as it is wide. Subsequent to the visions just related, some of these children also saw in other parts of the city beautiful spacious mansions in parks-like surroundings. In recent outpourings of the Holy Spirit among aboriginal mountain tribes in the Province of Yunnan, China, young men and women of different tribes have had wonderful visions of heaven. Many had visions of large beautiful mansions whose glories they could only attempt to describe. Around these mansions were trees and flowers and birds and animal pets in wonderful grandeur. The fragrance of the flowers, the sweet carols of the birds in their beautiful plumage, and the views surpassing all ordinary scenes of natural beauty could not, these simple mountain people told me, be understood by natural man. The broad golden street with its jewel bedecked one-room houses on either side that had been seen by our Chinese children was also seen by one of these far away tribal boys. He did not know of the visions which the children had seen of this same street.

This same tribal young man and one from a different tribe had many wonderful visions of large beautiful mansions surrounded by spacious parks. They also saw avenues of glorious mansions surrounded by trees, lawns, and beautiful flowers. These men had never seen an avenue of homes with trees, neither had they seen pictures of our foreign avenues nor been told of such. How could they imagine such scenes of splendor in the New Jerusalem if they had not been there?

One young man saw another avenue. This was the one seen by the Apostle John. A crystal clear stream flowed through the middle of the golden street. On either side was a beautiful avenue with green grass, trees, and flowers. Birds of beautiful plumage were singing in the trees, and angels were rejoicing in the shadows. The man who saw this had never read nor been taught the book of Revelation. When asked if he knew whether the Bible said anything about a golden street with a stream in its midst and trees by its sides, he replied that he did not know. This mountain boy described what John described, because he saw what John saw in the real New Jerusalem.

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