Are you waiting for your mansion in glory?


Gwendolen Song
14 November 2017

Humbly He sat explaining the events that were to take place.
A soft and gentle friend and teacher.
Explaining that He must go away and better things were to come.
A Comforter will arise and you will be baptized with My Holy Fire!
A new age where the captives will be set free.
Hope for the hopeless and a house awaiting them in His heavenlies.
Unimaginable treasures for those who also do the will of His Father.
All because Jehovah sent His only Son.

Are you waiting for your mansion in glory?
Do you know Who the Mighty Gardener is?
He is preparing a homestead for you and your family if you forsake the things of this earthly kingdom instead.
There are rooms upon rooms upon rooms and comfy places to gather.
There are cities decked in gold and many luxurious places for laughter.
Time to reminisce and time to pick up where we left off down here.
It’s all waiting for us in glory.

Get your spiritual business in order.
Live holy.
Be fully surrendered.
Take the time to worship and remember the many blessings given to you from above.
From the Father whose first, middle, and last name is LOVE.

gwendolen song

John chapter 14