Warning Message 417 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on Jan 28, 2017

Warning Message 417

On the 26th of January Dr. Owuor, posted on YouTube that he heard the Lord in his dream in an audible voice say, “In Three Days.” Then he woke up. He knew nothing more than that.

This morning, during the night I had a very short, but very clear dream. I had just started working as a doctor’s assistant. I was in the waiting room in front of a swinging door, the Doctor was standing sideways in the door way holding the door open.

Just in front of him was a young woman seated at a desk answering the phones. The phone rang and it was the Doctor’s wife. She did not want everyone to know she was calling so she told the young woman that answered the phone when she was asked her name, “Red T Shirt.”

The Doctor took the handset knowing it was his wife, he then handed it to me. We did not talk but I knew his wife and I were planning the Doctor’s birthday party.

Then the dream went back to the beginning and the phone rang again. This time the Doctor’s wife gave her name as 10/29. This confused the Doctor. I said, “that is the date, today’s date, it is the Doctor’s wife.” The Doctor took the handset and again handed it to me.

This time he gave me a look like he knew his wife and I were up to something, smirked and smiled, walking off to go back to work.

I knew the party was to be a surprise that I was not to tell him a thing, and did not have the desire to tell him or anyone of our plans.

I walked away from everyone to speak with her. His wife gave her name saying this is ……. but I could not pronounce it to repeat it back, and instantly forgot it.

She said, “the reason I am calling is that it may be Monday where you are at,” meaning that when it is time for the party it will be Monday.

I knew we were having the party that night, and I said yes today will be Monday. Then I woke up.

I was puzzled by this dream and I soon woke up and was made aware that this dream meant something, and all the things in it were very important.

This is what the Holy Spirit brought to me in understanding.

The Doctor was Jesus, His wife was the Holy Spirit, that in Hebrew the Holy Spirit is feminine. The Red T Shirt is the covering of the blood of Jesus Christ, this is why the Doctor knew it was His wife on the phone.

When the Doctor’s wife called she did not want everyone to know she was calling was the Trumpet sound that not everyone will hear.

Giving the date as Her name confused the Doctor, as no one knows the day or the hour not even the Son. He walked away going back to work because He was not to know, but having an idea as what was going on was in the look and smirk in His smile He gave me as He does know the season.

The Lord has been bringing me to this month in a few dreams. He has also led me to see that 10 is 01 backwards.

I have also had a knowing in my heart that we are still in the year 2016. I have also been shown that in at least one calendar we are in the 10th month. I do not know which one.

The day starts in Israel at dusk at 7:45 I believe, and they are seven hours ahead of the US in Eastern Time. When it is Sunday here it is Monday there in the evening.

The Lord calls us Israel, his followers. He will be bringing both the covenant and believer in, both of us two by two.

In many dreams I have had two things, the two horses that drew the cart I was in the race with was one. He also said in other messages, “I will see you in two.”

I was told to sign this The Holy Spirit.

There are many things that have been revealed, telling of government involvement, destruction, chaos etc., there have also been warnings of things to come being spiritual and physical.

In a dream Rhonda Empson had, that I do trust was very anointed, she had the knowing that what would happen would happen tomorrow, when she had her dream.

In this dream that I had, the date is tomorrow.

I have no idea what, or how things will happen but I do think He is telling us very strongly that something will happen.

He had me refer to two separate confirmations just as I am writing this message – Rhonda’s dream, and Dr. Owuor’s dream.

I truly believe we need to pay attention and go to Him, ask Him what He wants you to do if anything, above all trust in Him, and do not fear as we have nothing to fear.

Stay in Him and pray as He leads. He is in control and He will take us through the door.

He is right there, He was in the doorway holding the door open in my dream too.

God bless us all and I do hope and pray that this is it, that it is time to go, but if it is not time, do not lose sight of Him as things truly are coming to an end for us in this realm very soon.

God bless you all.