WARNING To Nation of Japan from JESUS CHRIST


Open Letter To Emperor Akihito

(WARNING To Nation of Japan from JESUS CHRIST)

Seho Song

Published on 11 Jan 2017
Gwendolen Rix-2- Open letter to Emperor of Japan

January 7, 2017

Dear Emperor of the Great Nation of Japan;

Your Imperial Majesty, I am sending this correspondence to you in order to deliver a warning from the One True God of the Universe, Jesus Christ. He is also referred to in the Holy Land of Israel as Yeshua HaMashiach.

Emperor, I am an end time’s servant of Jesus Christ and He has asked me to send this letter to you on His behalf. All throughout the Christian’s holy book, called the Holy Bible, are instances where the One True God of the Universe, Jesus Christ, has sent holy messengers to deliver important messages of warnings, instructions, and/or teachings. I am one of those holy messengers.

Emperor, the Creator of the Universe has a serious message for you and all of the people living on the island nation of Japan. Please heed this warning today. Complete economic and geographic destruction is coming your way. You are being officially warned as all the other nations of this earth are being warned that unless the citizens of Japan repent or turn away from worshipping false gods, complete collapse of the entire modern infrastructure of your island nation will ensue.

This is not the first attempt of the LORD JESUS CHRIST in sending warnings to you. He has sent warning after warning after warning through earthquakes and tsunamis that there is a problem with how you are conducting your lives. It is complete arrogance to ignore the One True Creator and Supplier of all your needs. You have been given a virtual paradise and rich resources. Resources that are unique just to your nation. Jesus Christ is a kind and loving Creator and He wants all of His children to worship Him and Him alone. Thou shall have no other gods before the LORD JESUS CHRIST. He is not a God that can be carved, or chiseled, or melted down from gold. No, quite the opposite. He is a living, interactive, generous, and selfless God who is constantly addressing the needs of His creation.

In a very short amount of time, the One True God of the Universe will be sending His holy messengers to you in person. They will have His fire in their eyes. They will radiate the goodness of His heart, and they will issue His final warning in person. Please hear what the Spirit of the Living God has to say to the nation of Japan today. You are on borrowed time. Worship JESUS CHRIST the Son of God who came down from His Eternal Throne of glory to be the perfect answer to the sin problem in this fallen world. Pick up a Holy Bible today and begin reading of the greatest love story of all time. It has been generously translated into Japanese for the entire nation of Japan to read and study and learn of the great sacrifice that Jesus Christ paid by dying on the Cross for all of humanity.

Respectfully submitted,

Messenger Gwendolen Song, U.S.A.