I Am The Way And Not Man Message 421 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on 31 Jan 2017

I Am The Way Not Man Message 421
My Children, I know what you are going through. I know your thoughts, and I know your hearts and be not dismayed as the coming of My Son and your God is now.
Do not fall into false understanding and thinking that there will be more time, that I Am delayed, as The End is truly at hand.
Do not think that there is more time to change your ways, or to come to Me, as these are all false beliefs as they are not of Me.
I have told you I Am coming now, and truly you need to live in the now and not the tomorrow.
Do not come away from Me, My truth, or My understanding as it is time to come closer to Me, and let Me fill you with My Spirit, and My understanding and anointing.
If you are not sure you are hearing Me, ask the Holy Spirit to teach you and go to Habakkuk chapter 2 and learn for yourself what My voice sounds like to you.
Do not follow man, do not follow his understanding of My truth, but come to Me yourself and know My truth for yourself.
It is very easy for some to think that someone else knows more, or maybe hears Me better, or has a more important anointing, but this is not true.
I Am to have a personal relationship with each one of you. I have given you different gifts, and work through each of you differently.
The way I work in you and through you is different than the way I work in and through someone else.
Come to Me for discernment, let Me show you the way you are to go, and not doubt your own anointing and gifts from Me thinking one knows better or is more important than another.
I AM in You, the way I need to be, and when you rely on someone else for confirmation it may not be of Me.
Know this, not every message that sounds like it is of My character is of Me. Even words of love can be misleading if they are not Mine but are instead the thoughts of another.
Trust in Your relationship with Me, trust in My anointing on You, before you even seek another for conformation as all of your confirmation should come from Me first, and do not let yourself be lulled into a false sense of security.
Do not let others steal your oil, do not lose your anointing by seeking the respect of others, as you are not getting their respect, you are letting them take you from the post I have placed you in, and the oil you have bought, and should buy from Me.
I AM The Way to The Truth, To My Understanding and Life everlasting. Come to Me, let Me lead your way.
Do not sell your oil, do not let it run dry, do not give away your birthright, as truly it is for you and no one else.
There are some that Were truly walking in My anointing, and were a light unto the world, they drew in many that needed to see the light, but they became afraid of the anointing I was giving them and afraid to trust in the things I revealed to them.
Because it could not be found in scripture as it was of the things that were hidden by Daniel, they started listening to others and not Me, thinking the ones they drew in were closer to Me than they were and have stepped away from their post.
They are getting dreams, they are getting messages, but they are seeking others’ approval before they trust they are from Me, or My understanding correctly by checking scripture before they ask for My lead.
They now seek the scripture first to see if they can find it there, and will even not share the dreams, and messages I gave them because someone else says not to do so.
Some have even trusted others that send them messages with some insight that they claim is from Me, without waiting on Me and let themselves fall into doubt before they have heard from Me.
When your anointing is no longer your anointing alone, but is now an ‘our’ anointing, or our gift, pay attention as I Am to be one with you and you alone. Have you not heard Me say that you will need to discern, and seek Me as to who to trust during the Great Harvest?
Did I not say that during the Harvest, you could lose your way, and may not be able to trust others as they will creep in and deceive? The Great Harvest is not just in the next realm, or that there had to be a complete transformation, as the transformation had already began, and the Great Harvest is now too.
My messages are not of fear for those that truly know and love Me, but they also are of Hope, and if they lead any to depression, despair or even a false sense of pride that you were right, then they are not of Me.
First we are to go to the Lord before we go to the bible. He will lead us if we let Him. There are many things that we do not understand, and to come into His understanding it is truly better to seek Him first and if He leads us to scripture we will be shown what He wants us to understand the way He wants us to understand it.
We also need to be careful to not let others to take our oil, I did not understand how this could be done until now, and see we are not to let someone else jump on our wagon and suck us dry. The point is that we should not be led on our path by someone else. We need to be led completely by God, through our relationship with Him, and the Holy Spirit alone, and not seek Him through another.
We do not need a middle man or woman, yes He uses us to speak through others, to encourage, and even teach and lead but He leads us to Himself and not to Him through another. This is how we think in the spirit and not with our brain, when we are able to let Him, and Him alone be our guide, and teacher and not man or his understanding of God or His Spirit. When we truly are led on the path He has for us, when we let Him take the lead we truly are walking in the Holy Spirit and not in the follies of man.
We have nothing to fear of the unknown with God, not even when He takes us in a new direction on our path with Him, but one thing that does not change is the way He leads us. Whenever I feel I may not be hearing Him right or not hearing Him at all I go back to the beginning, I listen to the music that feeds my soul, I quiet myself and listen and let Him take back over so I can stay on the road less travelled as it is a road that I and He are on alone.
In all things, seek God, as He is with you and truly will not let you go. Do not let go of Him, doubt His love for you, or His coming as it is now.
God bless you all and I do love you.