Weaning Christians Off Halloween. Please share with your Christian friends

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Weaning Christians Off Halloween:
We know the Christians are being hit by the onslaught of Halloween trappings–it is everywhere you go–as it is now the second most popular commercialized holiday of the year–second to Christmas–it comes from the anti-Christ spirit–it is NOT from the HOLY SPIRIT!
Bake shops have Halloween cakes; the stores are selling placemats and towels with Halloween themes for your kitchen; kinda cute right?
Well not too cute when you get into the depravity of the current horror films and draw of evil to those who get caught up in this stuff….you can read all about the history of Halloween at our FB page and scripture from the Bible that says evil is evil no matter how it is packaged–and evil is anything that goes against GOD.
Christians–when it comes to the commercial assault of Halloween: Buyers Beware!