The Weight Of A Feather Message 512 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on Apr 24, 2017

The Weight Of A Feather Message 512

My Children, do you know that your heart is weighed against a feather?

When your heart is examined, it is weighed, and if your heart is lighter than a feather it is found pure.

I have shown you over and over again that it is all about love, My love, My love in you and through you.

It is not about an emotion that you have for Me or for others.

My love is pure, the love of My Son, and The Holy Spirit is pure love.

When you truly have this love in every aspect of your being, you truly live in this love, as it is a state of being.

This is the love that is to be in you and you are made of.

This complete love and state of being is what makes those that are Mine, My Bride.

To be a bride you need to have the heart, mind, and love of Jesus.

I have been pouring out My anointing; the Holy Spirit is filling all that will allow it, and there are so many, so very many that have been or are just this side of understanding the truth, the whole truth of My love.

The problem is that when they get this close to the understanding of something that goes against their sensibilities, they pull back, and slam the door shut to My leading them, to teaching them My Truth.

You see this love is not something you learn, not something you can study for, it is something you have to accept and receive, deny yourself, let go of all and let My love fill you completely.

What the people that will not listen will say to one person is, that they understand they are to be and live like Jesus Christ, but in the next breath call one of My chosen ones a false Prophet because they made a mistake.

They will call them witches or Jezebels because they do not agree with a message or dream I give them, or tell someone they are sinning because they do something that is believed by the understanding of man to be sin.

They get offended because they think that because they have fasted, prayed, and studied the bible for hours, upon hours, years upon years that they are the real authority, and if they are told that it is truly only about love, they lash out, and shut off the truth.

Jesus did not come to condemn. He Came To Love, to Show How To LOVE, and BE LOVE.

Many are starting to understand that there is more than one harvest, many have understood that the Barley Harvest is the first harvest, some believe that Jesus Christ was the Barley Harvest.

Some have been brought to the date April 16th, this was the day that celebrated the resurrection of My Son, it was also the celebration of the feast of the first fruits.

What was trying to be shown to the world is that the Barley Harvest, the first fruits, are the first that will be taken, they will be the ones that have the Heart of Love, the Heart of Jesus Christ, as The Dead In Christ will rise first.

My Children, search your hearts, and let the Holy Spirit truly teach you the truth, the real truth, My truth.

Some are the Barley, more are the wheat; as I have said regardless of which you are, come into Me, into My love.

If you are not taken in the first harvest, trust I have you and call out to Me.


The Lord has been giving me this message all day today and I felt the Holy Spirit strong and the heart of God and the disappointment in the ones that are His but refuse to accept the gifts They have for them, it made me sick to my stomach.
After I received this message I thought that there would be some that might miss the point, that will think that He is saying that it does not matter what we do as long as we love. That is not even close to it, when you have God’s love in you, the true and real love of God, you want nothing but what God wants for you, you follow His lead and you see the world through His eyes and love as He loves.
We all know that there is more than one calendar, which one is right I am not sure any of us know for sure, or if any of them really is the one the Creator uses.
I do know that last year in more than one message He gave through me He said, “Look To MY Passover.” I at the time and still now do not think He meant the one we celebrate, but was telling us the season.
We are indeed in that season right now. Do not lose hope, do not stand in the way of the teaching or leading of the Holy Spirit, let go of self, let go of the things in your believes that are holding you back, and let His truth, understanding and love fill you now.
Right now The Holy Spirit truly is pouring out on all of us, please receive it all..
In the last dream I had I was at the Last Chance Mission, this may very well be the last call to come to Him and truly receive the gifts He has for us.
God Bless us all I pray, in the name of Jesus Christ and that all come to receive the love of God completely and be made ready and found worthy to escape what is to come. Amen and I love you.